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Raising the Bar of Excellence for Ground Transportation

Automated processes for improved efficiency and enhanced client experiences have become imperative in the ground transportation and logistics industry. It was not the case when MUV decided to transform the industry’s conventional ways of operating, through an effective digital strategy revamp. This success narrative illuminates the transformative journey of MUV through digital enablement.  When MUV […]

Global Expansion Through Digitalization: A Beekeeping and Honey Distribution Success Story

As with many global organizations heavily dependent on supply chain, Comvita’s industry had global shifts in demand which expedited their need for an effective digital solution. They had envisioned a digital overhaul of their honey distribution process to meet global demand and expansion needs for years yet were unable to execute on it themselves. They engaged […]

Insights from Mastering the Automated Economy Podcast

In a world brimming with relentless change and infinite possibilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a new chapter; it’s a whole new book. Krish and David Kramer‘s dialogue is a riveting exploration of this uncharted territory, where the rules are being rewritten every day.   Imagine AI as the maestro in an orchestra of data, harmonizing […]

Global Expansion Through Digitalization: Manuka Health’s E-Commerce Transformation

Manuka Health had big problems, like many companies that rely on digital systems. They needed to improve their online sales to meet increasing global demands. They had plans for years but found it hard to implement them. So, they partnered with Cooperative Computing. This was to make their website better and fix major issues. Key […]

Transforming Enterprises Digitally: How Digital Transformation Differs from Digital Enablement

To remain viable in the modern business scene, adaptation is crucial for companies facing an economy dominated by automation. Delivering personalized experiences unlocks growth, as emerging technologies enable endless digital possibilities. Enterprises must embrace strategic digital adoption to stay competitive. However, the precision of language matters here; discussions often conflate two distinct approaches: “digital transformation” […]

Understanding the Shift From Traditional to Digital Business Practices

Consider two bookstores located on a busy city street: an offbeat shop brimming with books and captivating charm that draws in curious passersby and a virtual store with a global reach, yet physically unseen. This contrast paints a vivid picture of the shift from traditional to eCommerce, a transformation that has fundamentally reshaped the commercial […]