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A Workforce Empowered By AI Is the Future of Customer Engagement

Customers have always used a variety of digital avenues to reach out to companies, even before the pandemic. When COVID made it hard for customers to go into shops they could only shop online, engaging with businesses through email, chat, and phone calls, putting a strain on customer sales & support personnel new to working […]

How Digital Twins Can Save Supply Chain Business

Real-time supply chain execution is a goal for the most advanced participants in the supply chain. 60% of chief supply chain officers, according to a Gartner report, expect to make faster, more informed, and more accurate choices in real-time. Real-time decision-making, on the other hand, requires a thorough understanding of the supply chain’s current state […]

How to Gain an Edge in Business with the Right eCommerce Platform

Commerce was thriving until COVID-19 forced some companies to close their doors. Now in a post-pandemic world where curbside pick-ups are common and instant delivery is expected, eCommerce is an extraordinarily effective tool for expanding your company, and ensuring survival. In fact, in 2022, eCommerce revenues will reach $5 trillion for the first time. Choosing […]

Storytelling For Businesses: How Do You Win Customer Loyalty & Trust?

Many of our interactions with the rest of the world are based on the stories we tell one other or the news stories we see on television. There are narratives we tell ourselves in order to make sense of how we relate to others and to businesses. When we tell stories and explain our reasoning […]

How to Create Massive Customer Engagement by Gamifying Your NFTs?

The non-fungible token’s popularity continues to soar, with sales surging at an almost exponential rate. The use of NFTs is also becoming more prevalent in other areas of media, for instance: the visual arts, music, and video games. This is due to one concept: gamification, which consists of a rewarding interactive enjoyable experience that promotes […]

13 Service Delivery Warning Signs Every Enterprise Must Know

Seeing your company’s growth indicators rise is an exhilarating experience. You’ve put in a lot of effort to succeed and with that comes the rewards, positive growth. However, experienced business leaders know that there are certain downsides to fast expansion that might dampen the excitement of more income, additional employees, and a larger client base. […]

CC and HPE Hosts Dodgers vs. Rockies: Hit, Run, Score!

Cooperative Computing and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are hosting a networking event at the Colorado Rockies Vs. LA Dodgers game on June 28th at Coors Field in Denver, CO.  Cooperative Computing leads the way in Digital Enablement for clients by efficiently and effectively providing people, process & technology solutions for the core business functions of  commerce, […]