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About Us

Cooperative Computing is a business-focused technology solutions company that enables organizations to create demonstrable business value through the use of technology. By assisting the enterprise to develop and execute on focused strategies to reduce operating costs or drive critical competitive advantage, Cooperative Computing ensures your business will obtain the desired benefit from your technology investments or can exit a project quickly with little risk.

With a systematic approach and a well-vetted partner network Cooperative Computing can tackle the most complicated and sophisticated business issues that require technical experience and depth of know-how that is rare to find in today’s chaotic technology marketplace.

In today's financially demanding marketplace no business executive can be limited by not having a clear vision of what the possibilities are and a partner that can get things done swiftly and affordably.

Contact us and let the journey to value creation begin!!!

  • Our Vision

    To become the leading Web and Mobile technology solutions provider for businesses worldwide and become a sought after employer for technology genius.

  • Our Mission

    We exist to simplify the use of technology through innovation and industry changing technology solutions.

  • Our Values

    Be real – The truth should be shared frequently and without fear and the knowledge that it gets to the right solution every time.

    Be fearless – Do not run from the “hard to do”, the “Impossible to see”- embrace it and overcome the barriers to creating elegant capabilities where there once were none.

    Be a champion – Let everyday be a way to be better than the day before, learn swiftly from failure and make radical differences for those who you are fortunate enough to serve.

    Be humble – Never fear to learn from the greatness around you and be forever quick to show gratitude for what you have received and those who have so graciously given it.

  • Background

    Our team came together in June of 2007 and was born out of the desire to enable business of any size to take advantage of a shift in who had access to life changing technologies. The enhancements in web and mobile technology continue to create value to businesses regardless of their size and history. This has created tremendous demand for technology solution providers who understand how to dramatically simplify and automate business processes through the usage of technology and who can enable the businesses to not only overcome weaknesses but also take advantage of opportunities in the industry before the competition. We are focused on helping these businesses take advantage of this enabling force and providing affordable solutions for their big ideas.

    2007 - 2009

    Focused on helping collocation companies to become advanced managed services companies enabling their clients to create value through application development rather than computer operations.

    2009 - 2011

    Focused on helping traditional Software Development companies enable their Software as a Service capabilities by making their applications multi-tenant aware, handling signup and billing services, and maintaining stringent security and uptime constraints while scaling to millions of subscribers.

    2011 - 2013

    Focused on helping business of all sizes to obtain application freedom through full application operations including product/solution design, web and mobile application development, to on-going application lifecycle management. This enables our clients to create the technology demanded at an accelerating pace of sophistication.

    2013 - Present

    Focused on leading the new technology revolution in continuously connected systems with non-stop data analytics fully mobilized regardless of the applications needed. The natural integration of immersive media solutions that will change how everything is done for consumers, educators, and everyday service technicians will drive the next generation platforms, C|C is providing innovative solutions for our client's big ideas.

Meet Our Leaders

David HT Kramer David HT Kramer
Executive Chairman
Waqas Ashraf Waqas Ashraf
Managing Partner, CEO
Sheikh Ayaz Ali Sheikh Ayaz Ali
Managing Partner, COO