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Cooperative Computing is a business-focused technology services company that helps organizations create business value through the use of technology. By developing and executing proven technology strategies, we help your business drastically reduce operating costs and give you the tools for a competitive edge.

Curantis - Hospice Care Solution

Innovative Hospice Care Solutions

This unique mobile application for Curantis Solutions provides hospice caregivers all the tools and support they require to enable them in offering a much better patient experience than ever before

MUV - Go Places

Offering The Highest Quality Of Ground Transportation Services

The MUV Web application is hands down the most advanced platform that any ground Transportation Company has to offer for its customers. The platform offers all the tools and data required to get the best ground travel experience that’s possible in today’s time.

eATTEND - Manages & Track Attendance

Ability to track everyone’s time in order to increase business productivity

eAttend is a revolutionary attendance mobile application that allows employees to log in their attendance effortlessly. With this genius application, you can just walk in to your office and start your work, no input required by the end user. This is just one of the features of eAttend.