Streamlining Law Firm Management with Cloud-Powered Transformation 

Reeds offers a wide range of legal services across areas including criminal defense, family law, mental health and corporate crime. With a strong focus on offering the best services, Reeds emphasizes teamwork, continuous training and specialist knowledge to ensure high standards of legal support.  

But with the changing requirements, conflicting technology stacks for Microsoft integration, and the demand for a customized law practice module, Reeds faced significant hurdles in creating a comprehensive and streamlined solution for law firm management. Due to these challenges, they wanted to shift from legacy systems to a cloud-based solution.  

The following are some key issues that Cooperative Computing helped Reeds solve while creating a cloud-based solution. 

Dynamic Feature Requirements 

As the project progressed, stakeholders identified additional features or modifications to existing ones. The technical team needed to ensure the application’s architecture and design are flexible enough to handle these changing requirements without introducing excessive complexity. 

Technology Conflict for WOPI Integration 

The team was building the application using PHP, while Microsoft Office primarily uses ASP.NET. This presented a challenge as the team needed to find a suitable solution that enables interoperability and smooth communication between the app and Microsoft Office.   

Custom Law Practice Module 

The team needed to collaborate closely with legal experts to gather the requirements and design a module that caters to the unique needs of law firms. This involved complex workflows, document management, case tracking, and integration with other modules of the application.   

Collaborating with Cooperative Computing 

Cooperative Computing successfully developed a cloud application for Reeds, incorporating key modules to enhance the law firm’s efficiency and productivity. The Practice Management Module centralizes operations such as case management, document tracking, and scheduling, creating improved organization and collaboration.  

The Finance Management Module offers comprehensive financial tracking, invoicing, and reporting, enabling effective financial management and accurate billing. Integration with Microsoft Services enhances productivity by facilitating seamless collaboration, document sharing, and communication within the Microsoft ecosystem. Robust workflow structures, integrations, and permissions ensure smooth information flow, streamlined processes, and controlled access to confidential data, promoting better organization, productivity, and data security. 

Cloud-Based Law Firm Management Solution 

“The successful integration with Microsoft services has enhanced productivity and user experience, enabling smooth collaboration. The meticulous attention you’ve paid to designing workflow structures and integrating numerous features ensures streamlined operations, seamless data exchange, and robust security measures.” 

In the end, this is how Cooperative Computing contributed to the success of Raadr’s law firm management process. 

Competitive Advantage 

By leveraging the advanced features, seamless integrations, and improved operational efficiency offered by the cloud application, the client gained a competitive edge in the market delivering exceptional client service.   

Scalability and Flexibility 

The application provides the ability to add new features, accommodate increasing workloads, and easily onboard new users, ensuring the system remains aligned with the firm’s growth trajectory.   

Data Security and Compliance 

The application incorporates robust security measures, including granular permissions, data encryption, and regular backups, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and compliance with data protection regulations.   

If you are looking to uncover your business’s true potential with digitalization, get in touch with Cooperative Computing to accelerate your shift to an automated economy. 

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