Disrupting Hospice & Palliative Care Through a Successful Digital Strategy 

Curantis Solutions stands out in the dynamic healthcare landscape. Its mission is to revolutionize how hospice and palliative care is delivered, prioritizing the needs of patients and families. Through its team of passionate experts, Curantis empowers hospice and palliative caregivers with the tools and confidence they need to deliver exceptional care. 

Curantis, driven by a genuine caring culture, aimed to combine forward-thinking technology with user-friendly design to empower hospice caregivers to deliver exceptional care and support, ultimately improving the patient experience. Recognizing the need for an all-inclusive digital solution, Curantis partnered with Cooperative Computing to address the issues listed below. 

Disjointed Legacy Systems and Workflows 

Hospice and palliative care providers relied on a complex ecosystem of tools and resources. Unfortunately, these tools often existed in isolated silos, requiring caregivers to navigate multiple software platforms or rely on manual processes to access different functionalities. This data fragmentation presented a significant challenge. Integrating and consolidating these disparate systems and their crucial data was critical to streamline workflows, enhance information accessibility, and ultimately empower caregivers to deliver more efficient and holistic patient care. 

Non-Unified Patient Data Profiles 

Effective hospice and palliative care hinge upon a holistic understanding of each patient’s needs. This requires centralized access to a comprehensive patient data platform that facilitates seamless updates and collaboration. However, Curantis’ systems often made it difficult to manage patient information effectively. Caregivers struggled to access complete medical history, treatment plans, medication schedules, and crucial care preferences in a unified view. 

Departmental Disconnect 

In interdisciplinary hospice care, timely and effective communication among departments is paramount. Curantis suffered from fragmented communication channels that hindered collaboration and led to delays in care coordination. Developing a digital solution facilitating seamless communication through messaging and live video conferencing among team members was essential to improve care coordination and patient outcomes. 

Engaging Cooperative Computing 

Curantis Solutions required a comprehensive digital solution to help them become digitally enabled, accelerating growth in the automated economy. Further, it needed to facilitate all the tools and resources, from billing and compliance to patient management, to empower hospice caregivers to deliver exceptional patient experiences. The following is how Cooperative Computing helped them get there. 

Initially, Cooperative Computing assessed and improved the digital maturity across systems, processes, technologies, and key performance indicators (KPIs). To strategize and implement process optimization and data analytics for enhanced operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.  

Building upon the digital maturity assessment, Cooperative Computing implemented a comprehensive hyper-automation strategy, utilizing advanced data analytics tools and automation workflows. This streamlined operational processes and maximized efficiency for caregivers. Furthermore, leveraging patient data and personalization tools enabled Curantis to provide a more hyper-personalized experience for each hospice patient. 

Our collaborative efforts culminated in developing a comprehensive, integrated hospice care solution for Curantis. This extensive platform streamlines critical caregiving aspects like real-time patient monitoring, integrated billing, secure collaboration, and improved patient and family engagement. This empowers caregivers with efficient workflows, allows for proactive patient care, and fosters a more personalized and supportive family experience. 

Through this collaboration, Curantis achieved a significant leap in agility and digital enablement. This empowered them to deliver exceptional hospice care experiences and thrive in the fast-paced automated economy. 

Hospice Care Solution 

“Throughout our collaboration, Cooperative Computing team’s availability and resourcefulness have been exceptional. They were always there when we needed them, providing prompt responses, valuable insights, and innovative solutions. Their team’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond have made this experience truly remarkable.” 

Curantis, empowered by its partnership with Cooperative Computing, achieved significant advancements in several crucial areas of hospice care delivery. 

Unified and Efficient Platform 

Curantis’ integrated platform empowers caregivers with an all-inclusive solution for all their hospice care needs. This user-friendly hub centralizes patient data, communication tools, billing systems, and real-time insights. By streamlining workflows and fostering collaboration, the platform empowers caregivers to focus on delivering exceptional and personalized care directly to patients and families. 

Enhanced User Experience 

Curantis prioritizes caregiver experience, extending its user-friendly approach to the solution’s setup process. This intuitive onboarding process eliminates complex configurations and initial hurdles, enabling caregivers to register quickly and efficiently. 

Improved Data-Driven Decisions 

Curantis’ integrated platform develops a culture of data-driven decision-making in hospice care. Real-time patient data updates and seamless communication tools ensure the right information reaches the right caregivers at the right time. This empowers care teams to collaborate effectively and make informed decisions quickly, ultimately leading to improved hospice patient care services. 

This integrated digital solution reduced the burden of administrative operations, with integrated billing, compliance, and patient management, allowing caregivers to substantially enhance the quality of hospice and palliative care

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