Boosting Revenue Growth with an Online Pest Control Training Program 

Pestec is a pest control service provider that focuses on environmentally sensitive and long-term pest management solutions for its clients. By utilizing Integrated Pest Management or IPM, the company endorses minimal pesticide use by taking certain preventive measures. It offers services for controlling various pests like rodents, ants and cockroaches. It also distinguishes itself by certifications from EcoWise Certified and Green Shield Certified, that highlight Pestec’s commitment to sustainable practices. 

The pest management industry is grappling with issues like adopting new technologies and implementing them as well as strict regulations that reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and seek more sustainable methods. This is where Pestec comes in with its environmentally sensitive pest management solutions that align with the modern standards for health and sustainability. But Pestec struggled to display its thought leadership in the pest control industry and wanted to design a training course for pest control professionals who aspire to certify for IPM/ACE accreditation, which is why it turned to Cooperative Computing. 

Upon reaching out, Pestec shared the following concerns: 

Content Review and Adaptation 

Pestec struggled with performing a thorough review and adaptation of the existing pest control knowledge materials to ensure accuracy, relevance, and alignment with the certification requirements. This also involved the condensation of technical information into digestible content suitable for individuals new to the field.   

Building Assessment-Ready Materials 

Pestec aimed to craft effective questions and practice tests, that accurately reflect the format and difficulty level of IPM/ACE certification assessments. It strived to ensure that the course prepares learners not only for understanding the content but also for passing the actual exams.   

Extensive Course Depth and Breadth 

Pestec required assistance with creating a training course that covers the extensive range of topics required for IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and ACE (Associate Certified Entomologist) certification exams. Striking a balance between depth of coverage and keeping the course manageable was crucial for Pestec. 

Partnering with Cooperative Computing 

When Pestec contacted Cooperative Computing with their concerns, they expected to create a pest management training and assessment course that could help pest control professionals acquire IPM/ACE certifications.  

Cooperative Computing resolved their concerns by creating an IPM/ACE certification module that combined instructional design expertise, subject matter knowledge, technology integration, and a strong focus on the learners’ needs and goals. The module was broken down into 15 parts with each part focusing on a particular topic in the pest management course. 

With this online learning marketplace, Pestec was able to ensure a positive impact on its bottom line and pave the way for the company’s future growth. 

Pest Management Training and Assessment Program Development 

“We were particularly impressed with the assessment preparation. The quizzes and practice exams provided a true reflection of the certification assessments, ensuring our learners were well-prepared and confident come exam day. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and a big thank you to the team for their dedication and professionalism!” 

In summary, Cooperative Computing helped Pestec achieve the following results. 

Built Authority and Trust 

Delivering a course that goes beyond expectations built the business’s credibility and authority within the pest control industry. The reputation continues to grow as more and more professionals acquire certifications.   

Increased Revenue Streams 

The online course now generates a new stream of revenue by monetizing the training content. As learners enroll and pay for the course, the business can experience a consistent and scalable source of income.   

Partnership Opportunities 

The success of the course opened doors to potential partnerships with industry organizations, certification bodies, and other stakeholders. This led to collaborations, sponsorships, and additional avenues for growth.   

These results enabled Pestec to generate more revenue and elevate its business reputation and market influence in the pest control industry. 

If you are ready to improve your revenue potential and digitize your business, get in touch with Cooperative Computing to kickstart your business’s digitalization journey with personalized consultation and digital expertise. 

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