From Digital Maturity to Operational Success

Sudima Hotels is a hotel chain with locations throughout New Zealand offering accommodation options ranging from luxury to budget-friendly, catering to various traveler preferences. They are known for their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, with many of their properties implementing eco-friendly practices. They provide amenities and services for both leisure and business travelers across their properties.

Sudima Hotels came to Cooperative Computing to innovate their services through technology, tackling numerous operational hurdles along the way, including inefficient data utilization and management issues.

The Roadmap to Sudima Hotel’s Digital Maturity Experience 

Having gained profound insight into Sudima’s unique requirements and goals, Cooperative Computing conducted a Digital Maturity Experience, offering comprehensive guidance throughout the process. Sudima acquired a deeper understanding of their present digital maturity level and gained a strategic roadmap to achieve their envisioned future state of digital enablement. This journey is geared towards achieving operational efficiency, fostering data-driven decision-making, and boosting revenue growth.

The Digital Maturity experience consisted of 3 phases as follows.

  1. Digital Maturity Assessment
  2. Digital Maturity Strategy
  3. Digital Maturity Execution

Each phase involved the creation of distinct artifacts and deliverables tailored to facilitate the growth of each client towards Digital Maturity.

Digital Maturity Assessment 

In this phase, Sudima gained a thorough understanding of their current level of Digital Enablement Maturity. By helping evaluate the organization’s personnel, operational processes, technology infrastructure, and primary challenges, Cooperative Computing helped Sudima understand their current digital landscape and obstacles, laying the groundwork for strategic improvement planning.

Sudima gained a documented understanding of all the technologies and systems utilized along with their associated costs. They also gained diagrams illustrating various business operations, highlighting key issues such as the absence of a unified data utilization plan, operational inefficiencies, and inadequate guest information management.

This information was consolidated into a detailed Digital Maturity Assessment report. This report gathered insights from discussions with business, functional, and technical stakeholders, detailing the people and organization, methods and procedures, and systems and technologies of each business function. The final section of this digital maturity report synthesized key insights and pertinent issues Sudima was encountering in their journey towards Digital Maturity.

Recognizing Sudima’s priorities was paramount, Cooperative Computing concentrated on addressing Sudima’s specific needs, such as enhancing data visualization dashboards, refining data management practices, and improving guest information management. The essential processes involved in the Digital Maturity Assessment are depicted visually below:

Digital Maturity Strategy 

After gaining a thorough understanding of Sudima’s current digital maturity, Cooperative Computing proceeded to outline an optimal future state. Within this envisioned state, Sudima was able to address the challenges they faced and enhance their business performance.

Following this, Cooperative Computing conducted a comprehensive analysis of the entire enterprise to design Sudima’s future state. Cooperative Computing provided detailed visualizations depicting Sudima’s current and future states of their data services and operations. These future state diagrams showcased improvements in organizing work, enhancing methods, tracking performance, and managing data more effectively at Sudima.

Data-Driven Decisions   

Cooperative Computing implemented a resilient data system customized for Sudima’s needs. This system centralized all data into a unified platform, comprising a central storage repository, sophisticated analytical tools, and customized dashboards designed specifically for Sudima’s operations.

The dashboards presented crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) in a user-friendly manner, facilitating ease of use and customization, thus enabling informed decision-making for all stakeholders. With access to real-time data, Sudima could promptly identify trends and extract valuable insights.

Revenue Growth   

Cooperative Computing conducted a detailed analysis of Sudima’s guests’ preferences and behaviors. This enabled Sudima to provide tailored services that met guests’ desires. They optimized pricing, implemented targeted marketing strategies, and explored innovative revenue streams. This personalized approach enhanced guest satisfaction, distinguished Sudima from competitors, and fostered guest loyalty, resulting in increased repeat visits and contributing to the hotel’s growth.

Become Operationally Efficient   

Cooperative Computing assisted Sudima in optimizing and accelerating their work processes. By leveraging technology, they automated routine tasks, resulting in significant time and resource savings.

Furthermore, they provided comprehensive training to the staff on the implementation of new technology, ensuring proficiency in the updated workflow.

Digital Maturity Execution 

After defining all the objectives and agreeing upon the processes to achieve them, a Joint Strategy Workshop was held to align all stakeholders. Ultimately, all initiatives under the digital maturity Execution phase Cooperative Computing implemented to achieve the desired outcomes.

Following the digital maturity experience, Cooperative Computing facilitated Sudima in attaining the following significant outcomes:

Boost in Revenue Growth 

Through the development of customized services and marketing strategies informed by research on guest profiles and preferences, Cooperative Computing assisted Sudima in refining pricing strategies and exploring novel avenues for revenue generation.

Seamless Data Management 

By deploying an enterprise data solution that streamlined data processes and provided a centralized data source, Sudima harnessed the capabilities of informed decision-making, resulting in enhancements across the entire business process.

Increase in Operational Efficiency 

Cooperative Computing supported Sudima through the automation of manual tasks, thereby optimizing operational processes. This enhancement in resource management facilitated Sudima in delivering more personalized guest experiences.

To unlock your brand’s full potential and emerge as a leader in your industry, reach out to Cooperative Computing to digitize your business and gain a competitive edge.

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