Global Expansion Through Digitalization: A Beekeeping and Honey Distribution Success Story

Founded by beekeepers passionate about natural health, Comvita has become a trusted leader in Mānuka Honey. They source high-quality ingredients from New Zealand, meticulously manage their beekeeping practices, and offer a range of natural health products that connect people to the power of nature and good health. 

As with many global organizations heavily dependent on supply chains, Comvita’s industry had global shifts in demand which expedited their need for an effective digital solution. They had envisioned a digital overhaul of their honey distribution process to meet global demand and expansion needs for years yet were unable to execute on it themselves. They engaged Cooperative Computing to help address some of the demands summarized below.  

Developing the Entire Platform from Scratch 

Comvita’s project required creating all components from scratch without relying on any existing codebase or framework. The technical team needed a deep understanding of Comvita’s requirements to determine the right technology, considering factors such as performance, security, and maintainability. 

Database Migration for Seamless Transition 

Comvita faced the challenge of mapping and transforming data from the legacy database structure to the new database schema. The team had to ensure the data migration process was carefully planned and executed, maintaining data integrity, consistency, and minimal downtime. 

Adding Custom Features & Functionalities 

Comvita needed custom features that seamlessly integrated with the existing platform while adhering to best practices in coding standards, performance optimization, and user experience. Scalability and extensibility were also crucial to accommodate potential changes or enhancements. 

Engaging Cooperative Computing 

When Comvita engaged Cooperative Computing to help solve these issues, they expressed interest in a single digital platform to help them become digitally enabled helping them accelerate into the automated economy. The following is how Cooperative Computing helped them get there. 

First, Cooperative Computing facilitated a Digital Maturity Experience with Comvita’s leadership team to assess and better understand the key issues and the impacts they were having on the business, align on a joint strategy to help them reach digital enablement, and an execution plan to get them to get there. 

Second, Cooperative Computing architected a personalized digital platform capable of allowing Comvita to integrate with all areas of their business in real-time including branding and marketing, sales and commerce, operations and fulfilment, customer engagement, and service delivery management. This platform allowed them to scale their growth in ways the non-integrate legacy systems had restricted them. 

Lastly, Cooperative Computing helped Comvita redesign and implement its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. While their ERP system was best in class, the prior implementation was not effective. And thus, it did not help them resolve the issues mentioned above. 

By helping in these areas, Comvita was able to digitally enable growing their business and accelerating into the automated economy. 

Digital Transformation and System Overhaul 


“We had been struggling with our system for years, facing limitations and high costs hindering our growth. That’s when we approached Cooperative Computing after being referred by our marketing partner. From the beginning, Cooperative Computing’s technical expertise and dedication helped as they took the time to thoroughly understand our requirements and challenges.” 

Cooperative Computing’s partnership with Comvita yielded significant impact, driving advancements in critical areas. 

Improve Brand Perception & Client Experience (CX) 

The visually appealing and user-friendly web platform made it easier for clients to access the client’s services, resulting in a more positive perception of the brand while improved experience enhanced client satisfaction. 

Enhanced Business Reach 

Platform scalability and robustness have enabled Comvita to handle increased traffic and accommodate a growing number of users opening new opportunities for business growth and expansion. 

Operational & Financial Efficiencies 

Cooperative Computing helped streamline operations, enabling efficient management of user accounts, content, analytics, and other administrative tasks which had been very complex and manual in the past. By automating and optimizing workflows, it reduced manual effort, increased productivity, and minimized errors. 

These outcomes positioned Comvita for accelerated growth, increased client satisfaction, and improved profitability

Ready to embark on your digital journey? Cooperative Computing is already helping great enterprises achieve exponential growth through digitalization. Reach out for personalized consultation and further information. Let’s shape your digital future together. 

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