Transforming Construction Talent Acquisition with a CRM Innovation Journey

Hiremate is a cutting-edge tool for recruitment and hiring management, innovatively crafted to streamline and automate the hiring process for large corporations. Serving as a comprehensive platform, Hiremate adeptly handles high volumes of applications, enhancing selection efficiency and reducing human error.

The talent acquisition industry is more challenged than ever by helping organizations find, hire, onboard, and retain staff, especially in remote and hybrid environments. Hiremate helps organizations overcome some of these challenges, yet it came to Cooperative Computing with a challenge of its own—the need to improve its digital solution.

Upon approaching Cooperative Computing, Hiremate shared some challenges prohibiting their optimal growth.

Industry-Specific Hiring Complexities

Hiremate’s digital hiring methods were outdated and failed to align with the construction industry’s distinctive requirements. Given the industry’s demand for certified workers adhering to stringent safety regulations, Hiremate grappled with compliance issues, hindering its ability to recruit and manage workers efficiently.

Inadequate System Integration

Hiremate’s technology infrastructure was outdated and incompatible, resulting in numerous issues. Workflow disruptions and slow, manual processes were common occurrences, particularly in managing different departments. While each department required autonomy, collaboration remained essential. However, the outdated system struggled to support this requirement adequately.

Data Management and Privacy Concerns

Hiremate encountered challenges in securely handling data, especially as data collection expanded. Their existing systems struggled to cope with the increasing volume of information and lacked adequate security measures, raising apprehensions regarding privacy and data safety. The outdated technology and lack of integration made Hiremate unsuitable for construction hiring needs.

Building a Robust CRM System

Designing a new CRM posed a significant challenge, requiring the management of extensive data volumes and simultaneous support for numerous users. The primary objectives were to ensure speed, ample storage capacity, and user-friendliness. Hiremate and Cooperative Computing collaborated to develop a digital tool aimed at streamlining and enhancing the hiring process, particularly within the construction industry.

Engaging Cooperative Computing

Initially, Hiremate and Cooperative Computing worked together to assess their existing systems and identify areas requiring improvements. This was crucial for tailoring a CRM suitable for construction job requirements. This new solution simplified and enhanced the hiring process, rendering it more efficient.

A pivotal aspect of the CRM was its ability to accommodate different departmental workflows and permissions, offering unparalleled flexibility. This new solution enhanced Hiremate’s systems and processes, providing substantial improvements that fostered seamless integration and functionality.

Implementing this new CRM elevated Hiremate to a pioneering position in utilizing technology for construction hiring. The system not only facilitated smoother operations but also positioned them as frontrunners in talent acquisition and management.

CRM Development & Technology Optimization

“The collaboration with Cooperative Computing delivered better results than we ever imagined. The team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, communication, and responsiveness throughout the project. They understood our requirements, helped us expand upon them, engaged with our stakeholders, and provided timely updates and support. We have become much more efficient, enabling us to allocate more time and resources to strategic initiatives.” – Hiremate CEO

In summary, Cooperative Computing’s collaboration with Hiremate led to significant advancements and achievements in several key areas.

Enhanced Industry-Specific Functionality and User Experience

The new CRM helped Hiremate grow its business, achieving much better results than they initially thought possible. It made hiring easier and improved users’ feelings about the service. The CRM’s design and special features made it simple to use, improving adoption and creating a better user experience.

Increased Organizational Agility and Growth Potential

The CRM enabled individual departments to operate according to their unique workflows, enhancing Hiremate’s speed and flexibility. This capability facilitated their growth and capacity to undertake additional hiring responsibilities within the construction sector.

Operational Optimization and Technological Enhancement

By integrating its core systems and enhancing the workflows throughout its business, Hiremate was able to automate processes and make better data-driven decisions. This refinement streamlined operations, reducing manual tasks and minimizing errors, thereby raising the bar for excellence in its industry.

These enhancements improved business performance, increased flexibility, stronger customer relationships, and expanded opportunities.

If your organization wants to grow revenue, become operationally efficient and make better data-driven decisions, contact Cooperative Computing today for an initial consultation with one of our Digital Enablement professionals.

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