Anti-Bullying and Parental Monitoring App 

Raadr, also known as the “internet anti-bullying company, focuses on protecting children who use social media and the internet. It helps parents and kids to monitor social media and the internet in real-time, to detect and address cyber-bullying, suicidal thoughts, and other threatening behaviors. Raadr also helps keep children safe online by using keyword-tracking, real-time alerts and other monitoring features. 

With cyberbullying posing a significant risk to the youth, it has become a growing concern for parents. To help parents reduce the risk of their child getting bullied online, Raadr aimed to develop a mobile application that is equipped with keyword tracking, real-time notifications, an integrated urban dictionary, and site filtering features. Their main goal was to protect children and young adults by detecting and mitigating potentially harmful situations. Moreover, they wanted to create a platform that enabled real-time tracking of bullying, cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, threatening behavior, and other potential risks that the youth might be subjected to on social media platforms.  

Upon approaching Cooperative Computing, these are some of the concerns and requirements in detail that Raadr brought forward. 

Legal and Ethical Compliance 

Raadr’s major focus was on adhering to legal and ethical guidelines regarding data monitoring, user consent, and information sharing with relevant parties like law enforcement and school districts.  

Social Media Integration 

Raadr wanted to ensure that the mobile app can effectively monitor and support a wide range of social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook to provide comprehensive coverage.   

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Security 

Raadr planned to implement efficient algorithms to monitor multiple social platforms in real-time for keywords and signs of threatening behavior and ensure sensitive information related to children and minors is handled securely.   

Engaging Cooperative Computing 

After getting in contact, Raadr partnered with Cooperative Computing to create a mobile application that had cross-platform compatibility and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, Raadr wanted an application that ensures data privacy, offers scalability and minimizes false negatives and positives in the system. 

This is how Cooperative Computing helped Raadr realize their vision. 

After understanding Raadr’s requirements, Cooperative Computing built a comprehensive app that provides a reliable and proactive platform for monitoring and reporting concerning behaviors on social media, ultimately contributing to the safety of children and young adults.  It had the following features: 

  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Urban dictionary 
  • Keyword tracking 
  • Real-time alerts 
  • Site filtering 
  • Social Media Integration 

Real-Time Monitoring App 

“The collaboration with the Cooperative Computing team who developed the app delivered exceptional results, exceeding our initial expectations. Their level of professionalism, communication, and responsiveness throughout the project was truly outstanding. They have truly made a significant impact on our organization and empowered us to thrive in our endeavors.” 

In conclusion, Cooperative Computing partnership with Raadr helped it achieve the following results: 

Enhanced User Engagement 

The app helped parents to actively engage and monitor their children’s online activities, leading to increased app usage and customer retention.   

Data Insights 

The app’s monitoring capabilities provided valuable data insights into prevalent cyberbullying trends, helping schools and authorities develop targeted preventive measures.   

Scalability and Growth 

As the app attracts a larger user base, there is potential for increased revenue through subscription models, premium features, or partnerships with educational institutions.   

The solution equipped Raadr with a seamless mobile application that positively impacted the safety of children and young adults. It also established the brand as a socially responsible entity in the ecosystem, boosting its growth. 

Looking to uncover your business’s true potential with digitalization? Get in touch with Cooperative Computing to accelerate your shift to an automated economy. 

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