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metaverse-as-a-service: a virtual universe with immense business opportunities

The metaverse era has arrived. Since the dot com era, it’s difficult to recall any technology notion that has generated as much excitement. Everybody is interested in the untapped potential of virtual worlds, from tech companies to gaming studios to luxury brands to artists and influencers. Aside from the $10 billion that Meta has committed […]

3 customer engagement tactics to create meaning in the metaverse

The metaverse is presently the focus of intense competition among IT businesses. However, aside from significant financial investment, it is still unclear exactly what it will take to win. Will it just replicate the existing digital environment, or will it be a new and improved version? Will our 2D displays, which are currently clogged with […]

8 supply chain trends for 2022 – are you ready to compete?

The world’s vision of the supply chain is being reshaped by shortages and extended lead times in practically every retail business. People seldom considered the supply chain before the crisis and Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The supply chain, on the other hand, has become a topic of conversation in both mainstream and social media. This tidal […]

a glance at virtual commerce in the metaverse

Imagine savoring a freshly brewed coffee with your friend in a park. He mentions a new pair of sneakers that he likes and recommends trying them too. Immediately a set of sneakers appears in your peripheral vision. The images float by; he selects the styles and allows your AI assistant to refine your selection. You […]

the transformative effect of platforms in businesses

Some of the most well-known tech companies have one thing in common. They are all hugely successful, paradigm-shifting companies that have substantial market values and they keep growing. Apart from that, they are platform-based businesses that have made a lot of money because of how quickly they can change and adapt to new opportunities. As […]

5 metaverse marketing examples for digitally enabled businesses

In 2021, the metaverse became increasingly important. Dozens of brands are embracing the next generation of the internet, from luxury items to limited-edition collectibles to digital concerts. In spite of its infancy, the metaverse will play a significant role in business and marketing in the future. What should be your metaverse marketing strategy? We have […]

are you part of the accelerated economy?

Welcome to the accelerated economy. What took months in previous years, can now easily be done in days. Current technology has the ability to increase the speed at which business functions are done when used right. To be successful a business once had to measure their Speed to Market in months for new products & […]