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Exploring the Relationship Between Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

Most companies spend a considerable percentage of their resources on attracting new clients, which might cause them to neglect their current customer base. Consumers who are pleased with your goods are likelier to stick with them, buy more, and recommend them to others. Many factors contribute to a company’s ability to keep consumers coming back. […]

8 Customer Engagement Trends that Enterprises Need to Embrace in 2023

When you read or hear the phrase “customer experience trends,” what ideas spring to mind? Well, your definition of customer experience (CX) may vary based on your sector and the marketing approach that better aligns with your business goals. There is, however, one thing on which every marketer can agree: CX has become one of […]

How Organizations Can Build Intelligent Supply Chains through Digital Transformation

For many organizations, the probing question today is how to accomplish successful supply chain management in a wildly dynamic and somewhat unpredictable business environment. While the global supply chain industry is projected to register a cumulative growth of 11.2% from 2020 to 2027, many companies don’t have a proactive management system in place, which has […]

8 Effective Ways to Recession-Proof Your Commerce Business in 2023

For the last few months, economists have predicted a global economic downturn. Taking numerous factors into consideration, it is safe to say that businesses in the commercial sector would be smart to brace themselves for the possibility of a recession, even if one has not materialized yet. A recession may cause price increases and it’s […]

5 Brand-Defining Factors Businesses Need to Focus On in 2023

Have you ever picked up a book because of its intriguing cover? The most likely response is “yes”. It’s only human to value the freedom that enables us to make choices that we believe accurately represent our unique set of interests. Savvy brand managers are aware of this fact, and they exploit it to influence […]

How Can Service Delivery Businesses Ensure Post-Pandemic Recovery & Success?

Over a year after the pandemic, nearly every business on the planet has felt the effects of COVID-19, but the extent varies widely, both within and beyond national and industry boundaries. We can gain some insight into the reasons behind this and the policy ramifications from a World Bank study of firms. One in four […]

How to Build a Future-Proof Customer Engagement Stack

Modern customers expect expedited experiences. Today’s customer expects to be informed the instant their goods ship with tracking information, a confirmation of delivery, and promotional incentives that encourage them to make a repeat purchase. People have come to anticipate that if they start watching a program on their TV and then switch to viewing it […]