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Digital Platforms: Why Are They Crucial For Business Growth?

Digital platforms are no longer just a strategy for tech-savvy start-ups. They are now a must for any organization. “Businesses which do not embrace platforms risk being left behind by their competitors, who see them as a need and a foundation for new value generation,” says Accenture in a report. As a result, digital platforms […]

A Must-Read Article For The Trends of The Future

Marketing of today will no longer be valid in the metaverse. If you have a business, you might realize that the consumer of today is smart and to win them over you need to iterate your marketing and branding strategies with the latest trends. Over the past few years, a lot has changed which makes […]

5 Most-Ignored Trends In Technology For Service Delivery Transformation

Most businesses don’t begin with a clear vision of the goal in mind. Instead, they take a “point solution” approach to solve business problems. As a result of this way of thinking, a poor user experience is almost always the result.  In practice, this paradigm does not function and can lead to constant frustration from […]

How Building a CRM System Can Boost Your Marketing ROI?

Since the previous two years, digital interaction has crossed a turning point, with customers connecting more digitally than in person. A recent study by Statista revealed digital transformation as the number one priority of businesses to increase operational efficiency.  To adapt to the epidemic and its related constraints, fast digital acceleration was first viewed as […]

Digitizing The Supply Chain: Why Digital Transformation Will Rescue Your Enterprise?

Supply chain incapabilities cost retailers $1 Trillion loss each year. Digitization in sales, marketing, and customer service is common, but with the supply chain, there is a lag. McKinsey reports that an average digital transformation shift of the supply chain is 43%. The COVID-19 has disrupted the retail industry making businesses realize the importance of […]

The Digital Transformation Shift: Is Your Business Growing or Vanishing?

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation where conventional businesses have transitioned to the digital world. A survey by TechRepublic reveals that 60% of the businesses have altered their business model and invested more dollars in becoming a digital-fit enterprise. Moreover, Adobe reports that eCommerce sales have surged to $4.2 Trillion in the post-COVID world. […]

How Metaverse Will Change The Way We Do Businesses Today?

In June 2021, Mark Zuckerberg shared an overly ambitious idea with his team. Instead of just a social app that connects people, Facebook is a technology company willing to develop interconnected experiences straight out of a sci-fi movie. Mark announced a new world: metaverse. Previously the company’s focus was to develop products for communities, creators, […]

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