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Retail Channel Diversification: 5 Tips For Exponential Growth

In 1943, a Swedish kid started selling matches, seeds, stationery and other accessories from his bike. He was only a teenager when he launched his company’s first retail location. Facing competitive pressure, he narrowed down his product catalog to RTA furnishings. As time went on, his furniture shops started to spring up all over the […]

Metaverse Branding: What Brands Can Expect

There’s a buzz in the tech world right now about the metaverse. The excitement and anticipation are genuine, and the buzz is, well, confusing. The enthusiasm has hit like a tsunami, similar to what we witnessed with NFTs, and many people are confused by it. And just what is this thing called the “metaverse,” anyway? […]

Changing The Global Logistics Industry Through The Metaverse

A good buddy of mine is a major fan of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. From the comfort of his own home, he may enjoy the excitement of piloting a variety of powerful aircraft across a wide range of terrain and climate conditions. In the Metaverse, an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds he flies about […]

6 Customer Engagement Strategies for 2022

One of the most severe concerns for marketers today is customer engagement. Why? It’s a primary goal of marketing: to cultivate long-term connections with consumers so that they will select your company above the competition, utilize and profit from your product or service, and return to buy more. Your consumers must be engaged for you […]

Rise Above the Storm: Supply Chain Resilience in The Modern-Era

In today’s changing environment, building supply chain resiliency is more crucial than ever. Wise technology selection and implementation choices will support the capacity to withstand interruptions, continue business as usual operations, and expand. The smooth operations of a firm, its agility, and its profitability all depend on effective supply chain management. Supply chain management requires […]

How Can Influencer Marketing Help Brands Survive in Inflation?

Despite pandemic recovery and supply chain challenges, inflation is on the rise in the United States. There has been an increase in the cost of everyday consumer items due to rising material and labor costs, energy prices, and interest rates. Inflation rose by 8.5% in March 2022, the highest rate since 1981, according to the […]

7 Tips to Future-Proof Service Delivery in Your Enterprise

The role of service delivery managers is critical in every company. They are the primary entities responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied with their customer service offerings. Being well-versed in the fundamentals of service delivery management, these experts possess the necessary qualifications and are in a position to take on such obligations. Managers of […]