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5 Factors Why An eCommerce Mobile App Is Crucial For Your Business

A recent study shows that 40% of B2B sales are driven by mobile devices. According to BigCommerce, the B2B eCommerce market size was estimated to be $6.7 trillion in 2020, and it is bound to increase exponentially in the coming years.  It’s a sign that industry buyers want an easy, transparent, straightforward buying process. Plus, […]

How Is Digital Transformation Revolutionizing The Supply Chain Industry?

Digital transformation is harbingering in a new era of supply chain management where customers & suppliers are bonding in unique ways, hazing the lines between the digital & physical world obliterating the organizational boundaries. Digital transformation is an inevitable revolution, shaped by various technological disruptions, including Big Data, 3D printing, AI, AR, and interaction between […]

Top 5 Web Development Blogs For Developers To Enhance Their Development Skills

In order to sharpen your skills in website development, you will need to spend hours browsing online forums, watching videos, and following tutorials. However, you can also stay on top of trends by reading web development blogs, which provide a wealth of free, fresh content.  Even the smallest blogs cover every topic, including fashion and […]

8 Core ERP Features Every Business Owner Must Consider

When you think about industry-specific apps and modules, you will discover plenty of ERP features in the enterprise software market. While companies based on a particular industry, like distributors or process manufacturers, will have modules explicitly designed to meet their needs, determining what general ERP features you need can be more difficult. We’ve listed eight […]

7 Advantages of ERP Software For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

Many small and mid-sized businesses do not know what kind of innovation they will need to achieve growth. The majority of small and mid-size business owners are unaware of ERP software, and even they are uncertain as to why it is necessary for these companiesdaily? No matter the size of their business, entrepreneurs must become […]

6 Advantages for using DevOps For Business

Automatization and digitization are on the rise. Automating processes and cutting the development and launch time of products are goals of every industry. Such industry has responded well to DevOps consulting services. It has slowed down development time and costs, as DevOps has been widely adopted by the IT industry. In an organization, DevOps for […]

6 Must-Have Mobile App Features to Engage Users

From startups to large-scale corporations, mobile app development is something that needs serious attention. Business owners have realized the power of building mobile apps over developing mobile-friendly apps for the website. It’s not just that, a business should know and understand the necessary mobile app features to engage users. There are countless mobile apps available, but […]