How to Incorporate NFTs in Your Marketing Strategy

How to Incorporate NFTs in Your Marketing Strategy

The future of marketing is digital. We’re in an age when we can live our ‘second life’ totally online. From digital currency to a virtual metaverse, the internet realm is continually expanding and the desire for technological transformation grows in step with new consumer requirements and gratifications. The problem for marketers is how to integrate these new digital trends into their strategy?

As NFTs explode onto the marketing landscape, they are positioned as the next digital trend customers will be engaged with. How do experts intend to mix crypto into their game plan? Who are the pioneers opening the way for a more digitally enabled future of marketing?

Can NFTs help marketers succeed?

A digital ledger stores enormous pieces of data called NFTs. Crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are comparable to them. The fact that they may be used on creative digital goods like artwork, memes, and tweets makes them particularly distinctive.

One way to think of the NFT is as a digital certificate of ownership. Others may buy and sell them based on their fictitious worth. NFTs may be traded in the same manner as cryptocurrencies by using a blockchain ledger. They fluctuate in value along with the market.

Because of this, marketing’s function is critical. NFTs have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly among digital natives like Millennials and Gen Z. Because of NFT’s large transactions, such as the selling of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for a whopping $2.9 million to a private buyer, it’s no surprise that NFT’s engagement success has been noticed by marketing experts.

Even as we reach the year 2022, Reuters predicts that NFT sales will continue to expand at a rapid pace, around $25 Billion. A clever method to increase your company’s online exposure includes NFTs in your branding plan. The internet is growing more and more popular with the new digital notion.

You may create NFTs by combining fashion, digital art, and even components from the metaverse.

What can NFT marketing do for you?

Adding NFTs to your marketing approach has a lot of advantages. Find out why NFT-based approaches might be your best bet for attracting and safeguarding your brand’s image in the following sections.

Reach a larger audience

If you want to reach a larger audience, you should take advantage of digital trends like the emergence of NFTs.

The NFT market is booming, with daily sales ranging from 15,000 to 50,000. Particularly amongst today’s more tech-savvy, younger generation of buyers. Using NFT marketing, companies may reach new customers who may not have come across their product or service otherwise. This new set of consumers can help legacy brands get a fresh lease of life.

Bicycle is a good illustration of this. NFT marketing has been used by the card firm formed in 1800 to target a new digital population.

Source: Bicyclecards

Bicycle Customers get access to card deck presales after acquiring Adrian Valenzuela’s NFT assets. Exclusive events and access to a digital deck of NFT cards are available to members.

The new digital makeover of Bicycle has dramatically expanded the company’s audience. New technology enthusiasts, as well as regular card players, have taken advantage of the brand’s openness. NFT is a terrific way to reach new customers while maintaining loyal to Bicycle’s heritage, says CEO Stefaan Merckx.

For almost a century now, Bicycles has been a leader in the field of playing cards. With the introduction of the NFT, we’re bridging the gap between tradition and innovation,” he added. As we go forward into the future, we’ll be able to connect with a new generation of customers while still being loyal to our roots.”

Build Brand Awareness

Isn’t it amazing to think that #NFT has already been seen more than 5.9 billion times on TikTok alone?

It’s time to “get down with the kids” and embrace new technology trends in your marketing plan if you want to boost your brand’s visibility and the likelihood of becoming viral.

To promote its new pizza tastes, Pizza Hut turned to the NFT marketing technique. With their “One Byte Favorites” promotion, Pizza Hut Canada offered an NFT for the price of one piece of pizza to their consumers.

Source: Eater

The promotion of four new flavors and an increase in brand recognition among a digital audience were both aided by the campaign.

Send Targeted Messages

Creating a unique consumer experience is as simple as incorporating NFTs into your marketing approach. In a new campaign, NFTs may represent a variety of creative elements, including art, music, and video. They have the potential to motivate customers to interact with your brand.

NFT tokens, on the other hand, may be used by savvy marketers to target particular populations.

A wide range of social media outlets is now available to marketers that wish to spread the word about a new product or service proposition. NFT campaigns may use the metaverse by using unique platforms to target certain demographics.

How to Add an NFT to Your Branding Strategy?

Here, you’ll find all you need to know about incorporating an NFT into your next marketing campaign. From beginning to end, from brainstorming to finalizing the message. If you’re planning to go crypto-crazy with your approach, keep these measures in mind.

Trust Your Customer Insights

Is an NFT familiar to the people you’re trying to reach? Are they likely to engage with your marketing campaign? To begin an NFT marketing campaign, you must first answer these two questions.

If you want to succeed, you must rely on your customers’ feedback. Analytic solutions like Finteza or Google Analytics may help you measure audience behavior and interaction with the material you’re promoting. Marketers need to know who they’re trying to reach. Thus, the technology will be tested to see whether it is compatible with the intended audience for its use.

If you’re looking to market your NFT campaign in the metaverse, you’ll need to break into the tech industry. You must ensure that the target audience of your brand will follow your lead.

Pick The Perfect Partner

The key to mass appeal is making a product or service simply to use for the average person. You must make your NFT user-friendly for both newbies and longtime devotees if you want to attract many new customers.

Businesses must work with blockchain partners that are user-friendly and available on a broad range of platforms, such as mobile devices.

NFT’s rising popularity was initially supported by Ethereum, the first blockchain partner to do so. Is a fantastic option for a collaborative project of any kind. Ethereum’s safe and decentralized technology is well-known in the internet community and is trusted by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In addition, it’s a great place to begin for newcomers.

Send a Message

As with any campaign, NFTs must convey a message to their target audience in addition to being a visual asset. Are you promoting a new product or demonstrating the ideals of your company? Your NFT campaign must include a business message.

The message of your campaign might be influenced by your choice of partner. If you want to communicate a better narrative to your customers, you may want to explore working with a non-profit organization.

Source: ViciNFT

Aquarium of the Bay, a San Francisco-based aquarium, teamed with ViciNFT and started its own NFT campaign in 2021 that drew a tech-savvy population while also leveraging its platform to communicate messages about preserving the marine environment.

The Future of Marketing?

The popularity of NFTs in the internet world is increasing at a rapid pace. As technology advances, it’s up to marketers to incorporate them into their strategy. More than ever, today’s customer is engaged. If a company wants to keep its customers, it must remain current with the times.

For the future of marketing and advertising, digital is the only option. After a pandemic, the internet ecosystem will undergo drastic changes, and campaigners must be ready for them. It’s NFTs today, but it will be something different tomorrow. If you’re a brand planning to sell NFTs, Cooperative Computing is ready to help you out.