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how software development companies climb to success

There are techno geeks who write codes and develop software for the fulfillment of their passion. And then there are smarter techno geeks who turn their passion into a business venture. For software developers, its the former case but when it comes to a software development company it is the latter and it has to […]

reasons to choose cakephp framework development

As a web developer, it would be quite strange of you if you haven’t come across or worked with CakePHP framework. CakePHP is one of the open source web application framework, written in PHP and distributed under MIT license. There are several reasons to get up and be associated with CakePHP framework development, some of […]

sql developers responsibilities

Structured Query Language is a special purpose programming language which is designed to handle data in a RDMS or RDSMS. With the increasing projects in SQL, a number of developers have adopted development with this language and many companies are also hiring SQL developers now. There are certain responsibilities associated with those who develop in […]

some more tools for php development

Previously we had discussed some of the tools that help in making PHP development simple and speedy. These tools are not a necessity in the development cycle but surely these tools can ease most tasks and help in saving time. Some more tools for efficient PHP development are: HOA: HOA is an organized set of […]

efficient ways for php development

The advent of internet and websites has plummeted into the business of web development. Websites are developed using a peculiar language called the PHP which is though a server-side scripting language but can also act as a general purpose programming language. PHP development could be a hectic exercise but if paired with the appropriate tools, […]

coping with symfony framework versions

Internet has taken the world communication on an altogether different course. Nowadays, even the simplest of businesses have a website of their own and thereby web development has also become a most sought after thing. In this race against time web developers are constantly improvising which is precisely why a web developer is always looking […]

development in zend framework; few coding tips

Any framework has a proper set of rules regarding how to write codes. These limitations do not complicate coding, instead they make coding simplified and easy. Likewise, when it comes to ZEND framework development or perhaps even writing codes using this framework there are certain guidelines which can be very helpful. First off, there should […]

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