Tips on how to Create a Truly Functional Mobile Experience

In this current era, a website needs to be mobile-friendly which is undeniable true for the fact that mobile has overtaken desktops in terms of a number of users, and even Google provides additional points for those sites that are mobile friendly. For businessmen who are hoping to make their online presence felt, then it is a matter of necessity for them to make their websites mobile-friendly

Many website owners believe creating a website mobile-friendly means making its interface smaller to fit the size of mobile devices or tablets. But the fact is, a mobile website works very differently from desktop sites.

Many web developers have now made mobile friendliness a top priority in their work especially in Texas, mobile development is on a great demand these days.

But mobile has its limitations as well, like battery life, wireless connectivity, and screen space. Functionality doesn’t easily translate to a small screen. There are some differentiations a mobile-friendly design requires. So I will give some basic approaches that you can consider for your mobile-friendly site.


Most web developer today prefer to design for mobile use first, and then for the desktop. Because of limitations in screen size, they focus on keeping minimal features in the design. You should understand that less is more, and focus on important aspects of the site rather than filling the screen with unnecessary functions. This can enable a user to execute key tasks easily which would benefit the business.

Add simple Menus and Navigation

Menus and navigation have the same importance for mobile as it has on the desktop. However, the menu bar in desktop sites are way too big for mobile sites, so preferably, it’s better to use a hamburger icon or a drop-down menu and place it on the top left or right of your screen. Keep in mind to not go for multilevel menus as they can create a problem for users when they have to go through several clicks to access what they need. Just focus on showing the most important parts of your site which users will most likely need or want.

Keep your layout liquid

Mobile has a very wide range of dimensions that you can design your mobile site in, from 176 to 600 pixels. But you should create a mobile design that is defined in percentages rather than fixed pixels, so you don’t really have to worry about what mobile device the user has.

So, I would recommend going for a liquid layout which can adjust fluidly without having to concern for the dimensions of a mobile screen.

Touch Screen Functionality

Designing a mobile device is a very challenging task for web developers when you know the users are used to touchscreens and you need to account for differences in textures, finger sizes, and the pressure in order for the touchscreen to respond accurately.

Use your imagination and creativity for creating opportunities to give your users an appreciation of your mobile site. Use a discount site using the location services to help mobile users find specific stores or you can use swipe functions also.


A mobile application or website caters to the increasing need of users to be on the go, without sacrificing the access to their favorite sites. But designing an engaging and responsive site is not as easy as it sounds. As I said before it’s very challenging for designers because of limitations and features of mobile devices. But these above tips can guide you in creating a true mobile-friendly web design for your business.

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