Development in ZEND Framework; few coding tips

Development in ZEND Framework; few coding tips

Any framework has a proper set of rules regarding how to write codes. These limitations do not complicate coding, instead they make coding simplified and easy. Likewise, when it comes to ZEND framework development or perhaps even writing codes using this framework there are certain guidelines which can be very helpful.

ZEND framework development2

First off, there should be no leading or trailing spaces which may prompt the web server to unpredictably send content before headers. The indentation should be proper i.e standard indents of four spaces. All of this simply makes the files come out cleaner as well as codes are easy to read for both the developer and third party who might want to read the codes.

If the class is supposed to be a part of ZEND framework development instead of a particular application that only uses this framework, then it is better to name it as Zend_ .

Underscores in function names are a big no. Name the functions like myFunction() but never use my_function().

However, you may start your variable name with an underscore if the variable is supposed to be private or protected.

It is advisable that during ZEND framework development the developer uses standard PHP tag which is <?php and not just its abridged version ( <? ?> ).

Even if you are using a period (.) to concatenate the text in your codes, don’t forget to put spaces before and after the period. This enhances readability of the codes.

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These are just a few basic tips. ZEND framework development goes a long way beyond just these but we hope it surely gives you a brief outline.