Difference between Graphic Design & Visual Art

Difference between Graphic Design & Visual Art

There is a fine line that separates graphic design from visual art, and that has been debated and talked about for a very long time. Even though both the designers and artists compose visuals and have a similar knowledge base and toolkits, there is a very distinct difference between them. To get things into perspective, many designers think that they are artists, while not many artists think of themselves as designers. There are a few designing companies notably Texas-based graphic designing agencies that have a very large number of both graphic designers and visual artists incorporated in similar projects to get maximum quality in design.

But this isn’t the reason for the debate here; I am going to discuss a few key points to help you differentiate a designer from artists.

In the beginning

As far as I am concerned, I believe that one of the logical difference between art and design will be found in the first spark of creativity. In simple words, Design work is usually stemmed from the desire or need to communicate a pre-existing message, like a call for action, a logo, or a strapline. Artwork, on the other hand, is basically the expression of a completely unique idea. An artwork can be defined as the process of breathing life into something personal and private to build an emotional bond between the audience and the artist.

Motivation vs inspiration

If it’s true that the objective of a designer is to communicate a pre-existing message, then you can say that they are working to motivate actions in their audiences. An Artist, on the other hand, will be aiming to inspire feelings into their audience, and this will lead them to actions, just like a designer who can go and generate emotional responses from the audience.

Lost in translation

Many designers aim to have immediate effects through their work which is clearly understandable by their audience. While an artist will choose to work in a less obvious environment which doesn’t require emergency in work and try to interpret his artwork which rarely gives you just one meaning. For example the difference of opinion on Da Vincis Mona Lisa painting. What that particular art means only depends on the perceptions and opinions of the viewer who gazes upon it. Whereas the design is has a very different meaning to what is intended by the designer. It’s easy to say designer lacks the creativity to grab the different point of views through one design.

Design can be a great skill, but Art is a God-given gift

We can easily differentiate both in terms of personal style. Most designers have built names for themselves by creating a unique personal style for everyone to follow. Yet versatility is the key to a designer’s success. The design is a skill that can be developed through hard work and taught as well. But it still isn’t the same as being born with creative abilities for oil painting, sculpting or installation-based expression.

It comes down to the question of taste for us

Taste and opinions are two different ways of judging a visual composition. Taste is used in reference to peoples likes and dislikes. Whether The Mona Lisa painting was a genuine piece of art is a matter of opinion.

Whereas design involves elements of personal taste, but the design is never judged on anyone’s taste. A good design can be successful without having any interest or taste of the creator or designer. Trying to credit one over others will only make things complex and impossible. As the famous saying art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So we should rather appreciate both works and not go into labeling one superior to others. Both are and will be a major part of one’s creativity.