Why an App in Need is an App Indeed!

Have you ever scrolled through your phone to find some of the simplest apps such as a torch app or a to-do list? Well, we have too. This just comes to tell us that sometimes the simplest of apps become a need for your everyday life. This is one of the many reasons why the ratio of downloads for smaller apps is higher. But the question that must be going through your mind is probably why you need to know all this. Well, its simple. The one thing that your app depends on the most is not the technical database at the backend. No, its not even the capital that is being invested on the app every day. The one thing that makes the app a super hit in the market, is the big idea of the app.

It can be a function as simple as setting up an alarm for a few hours but if its useful, it can be a hit and youd know it. So, to make an application a success, these are some of the few things that you need to look forward to.

How to Make Your Application a Success

There are a few simple steps to follow carefully to make your application a success that can alter the timelines of the app development industry for good. Weve listed down what we think is the perfect recipe for a perfect app.

  1. Understand the need of the hour: Realize what the user and customer is looking for and understand what he needs to make his or her life easier
  2. Calculate the strategy: Realize that the client has in mind and analyze whatever is needed for solutions to the problem. Try going easy, the easier the better.
  3. Consider The ROI: Realize that the audience loves an app thats free to use. You can certainly place an ad for monetization inside the app, but it shouldnt be too distracting.
  4. Focus on the feedback: Focusing on the feedback is just as important as the rest of the steps explained in the article. You need to realize that no application is a hit from the very start. Collect valuable reviews from the audience and implement the changes that are needed to be implemented.
  5. Add Feature, Edit, Repeat: Never let the process of adding a feature lose your grip. Even if it is as small as can be, keep adding features and remove the feature whenever you think is necessary as per the feedback.

Understanding the need of the App:

So, the big question is how do you understand the need of the hour. Well, thats the tough part. This involves a lot of research from your end. Understand what age groups of users need what kind of features.

According to an article by Jeff Sauro,An innovative product doesnt come from a law passed by the government. It also doesnt come from venture capitalists looking for a higher return on an investment. Innovation comes from identifying customers needs and providing solutions that meet those needs.

Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Intuit understand this. Ubers success, for example, has come not from building new, better taxis, but from seeing and then solving  peoples transportation problems.

Lets take Google for example, even though Apple is doing its best to keep its competition as competition it failed in some areas. Apple Maps being one of those reasons. Apple Maps wasnt a huge success in South Asia and Google noted that. Since Google Maps is a better smart map option, it recently released an IOS Map for Apple device users. The result? In only a few weeks, Google Maps was one of the most used apps on iOS and is still growing strong.

Something similar happened with Whatsapp when tons of users tweeted they wish they only get notifications in a group chat when they mentioned. WhatsApp came up with not one but two solutions. Number one with the mute button and number two with the mention feature. This is one of the many reasons WhatsApp wins the messenger debate easily, every darn time.

All in all, a successful app can only exist with a successful idea. Understand the need of the hour. Collectively, understand that supply and demand is the key to success. Start your research for a successful app today!

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