4 Must Have OpenCart Features for Your Online Store

4 Must Have OpenCart Features for Your Online Store

While OpenCart has various valuable features as standard, there are obvious ways to change your site to get your visitors making the most of their experience while browsing, and channeling them to your checkout for a sale. Because of that, here are 4 main features you should use on your site to help you boost conversion rates.

1. One Page Checkout Process

Presently you might think “OpenCart as of now comes with a one page checkout”. This is completely right obviously, however, the default checkout requires your users to click buttons and links to move between the panel, at the same time your customers has to hold up to see the next part of the procedure. This is awful for your business as it means your customers can’t see all that they have to at once.

Subsequently, the solution is to utilize one of the business one-page checkout’s to make the entire process all the more engaging and getting you sales.

2. SEO URL Enhancements

SEO URL’s are what changing those difficult to decipher long URL’s into short cleaner URL’s that are anything but difficult to remember are called. One of the courses in which URL’s could be enhanced is to make them more uniform over the store, as opposed to the typical product and category URL’s which implies you have various distinctive links indicating a similar content.

A recent study by Open-Source development Texas on OpenCart Features have found that individuals will probably bookmark your URL’s whether they are anything but difficult to read thus individuals will bookmark. This implies your customer will probably return to your store once more.

3. Cached Page Contents

Page caching is the way toward putting away a copy of a page’s content to serve it immediately when your customers need it. In case you’re on a slow server, there’s nothing more regrettable for your customers than to hold up because of your store processing database queries. E-commerce users are anxious and are probably going to leave your web page if it takes too long. Therefore, the speedier your site, the more probable your customer will remain on your store and make a buy.

4. Blog as a Sales Tool

Easily the most undervalued feature you can have as a store proprietor is a blog. Many people are interested in what latest product you have, or what’s happened to the site if you change the design. So keeping your customers educated will keep them happy. What’s more, it’s known that your store blog can be your businesss sales tool if you manage it appropriately.

You can post information about the product that isn’t accessible in your store, for example, a detailed description or idea for how users can utilize the product to their benefit. Update your blog no less than two or three times each week. This will be great for your customers as well as for search engines.

It’s significant that you ought to likewise be using merchant feeds for the other enormous search engine players, for example, Bing and Yahoo. If you have a local web engine for your language, you need to check if they have a merchant feed option, and if so then also check the extension store for a feed module that works with your store.