Need to figure out how to be a WordPress developer? In the beginning of WP learning,familiar with WordPress Development might have seemed like a terrible/unsafe career move. Why put the time in a piece of open source software that might tank quickly?

Presently, years after it turned into the most utilized CMS in the world, it’s difficult to envision that it’s going anyplace at any point in the near future.

Before begin genuinely learning WordPress (or some other sort of) development, it’s important to consider where you stand.

What Level Are You At?

Is it accurate to say that you are a complete beginner(to coding with WP)? Is it true that you are generally a beginner yet you get a kick out of the chance to tinker with WordPress themes? Have you made a straightforward theme before?

I’ve delineated three distinct sorts of beginners underneath, and in this post there’s an area with specific recommendations for every archetype. So in case you’re not a complete beginner you can undoubtedly avoid that area and get pointers appropriate for your level.

Familiar with WordPress

  1. Very limited or no knowledge of HTML/CSS/PHP/JS
  2. 0 experience attempting to alter the genuine code of themes

Tinkering Beginner

  1. Knows fundamental CSS/HTML
  2. Likes to alter themes/make child themes to inspire it to look ‘perfectly’
  3. Seasoned Beginner
  4. Has made basic themes before
  5. Knows CSS/HTML and fundamental PHP

Complete Beginner

To start with, we should begin off with complete beginners. For this situation what I mean by a complete beginner is in the development sense. Does this portray you:

I don’t comprehend code by any means/exceptionally well.


If I discover a solution that includes coding, I would rather continue scanning for a plugin.

However that your sense is to avoid coding however much as could reasonably be expected, you’re beginning from somewhat of a burden contrasted with some WordPress users.

Set Up A Local Development Environment

To set up a nearby development condition, intends to introduce software that demonstrations like a webserver however locally for your own PC. This makes you ready to run and work with WordPress on your computer (even with no web association).

The colossal thing about this is you’re ready to rapidly apply and test changes to the code, without gambling breaking a live website that has perusers or even clients.

Take in The Fundamentals

In case you’re a complete beginner, I suggest that you take some time experiencing the CodeAcademy course on HTML and CSS just to acclimate yourself with the core ideas that are utilized to create the WordPress format.

At that point you ought to get acquainted with how to utilize Chrome Developer devices (in any event the inspector) to roll out improvements to the plan. (You can read about that here.) Alternatively, in the event that you utilize Firefox, you can utilize firebug.

You can perceive how to roll out basic improvements to the outline utilizing custom CSS in my past post, here.

Tinkering Beginner

Presently how about we proceed onward to what I get a kick out of the chance to call ‘tinkering’ beginners. You should begin from this area if the accompanying applies to you:

  1. You jump at the chance to look in the engine of WordPress.
  2. You’re CSS/HTML sufficiently literate to roll out little plan improvements.
  3. You know how to utilize some Chrome Development Tools like the inspector.
  4. You know a little PHP however are not sufficiently certain to disturb plugins.

Before you do whatever else, in the event that you don’t have a nearby development condition set up yet, that is the main thing you ought to do.

Theme Development

Now you are prepared to make a plunge further into WordPress theme development, with direction of course.

You can either take after video courses on Treehouse/Tuts+ on the off chance that you, similar to me, for the most part incline toward the video format over content. In any case, in the event that you like working alongside composed tutorials, of course there are numerous spots to discover them. Here are a couple of sources for tips that are 100% trustworthy:

Theme Shaper

This is where the theme development group from Automattic share their considerations and tutorials on theme development. From customizer reconciliation and initiating usefulness effectively incorporated into core WordPress, a considerable measure of helpful subjects are canvassed here in detail.

Tuts+ WordPress Theme Development Tutorials

A major library of various tutorials that identify with WordPress theme development.

Crushing Magazine WP ‘Systems

Crushing Magazine is an industry driving website on website composition and development. Look at the WordPress area for quality tutorials on WordPress, a significant number of which cover theme development related subjects.

WordPress Codex

Of course I needed to incorporate the WP Codex. Despite the fact that it might not be exhibited in the most energizing way, this wiki is unbelievably valuable for starting developers. A couple of things to get comfortable with in the codex: The Loop, Custom Post Types, Custom Post Type Templates, Functions.

On the off chance that you definitely know some HTML and CSS, you will be comfortable with how themes change the essential plan of the site. When you’re learning WordPress development, you additionally need to take in the dialect that work with the database. The dialect which stores and hauls out all the substance for us, PHP.

Code Academy

At code foundation they have a course on PHP that rapidly and viably acclimates you with fundamental code, ideas and capacities.


Code course offers an assortment of video tutorials on various parts of working with PHP. The best part is, they’re all accessible for nothing. (Formerly known as PHP Academy)


Treehouse offers a broad track on PHP development, with more than 20 long periods of video and a great deal of educating coursework.


Tuts+ offers a couple of video courses around PHP fundamentals, yet has significantly more vourses on the most proficient method to work with laravel or different frameworks.

W3 Schools Tutorials On PHP

This is a progression of free tutorials on working with PHP. Specifically from version 5 and onwards.

Seasoned Beginner

In case you’re still new to development, however following a couple of courses or tutorials, you’ve possessed the capacity to create a couple of themes with custom usefulness. (Where you run in and work with The Loop/WP Query or different WordPress usefulness, not simply changing the CSS.) If this applies to you:

  1. You’ve assembled a theme or two (with direction).
  2. You’re comfortable with WordPress capacities and the circle.
  3. You’ve gone over the coding best practicses in the handbook.
  4. You know HTML/CSS genuinely well, and you know some PHP.

Beginning with fundamental plugin development

So you know HTML/CSS well, you feel comfortable around essential PHP and you’re ready to create themes the way you like them without an excessive amount of inconvenience. Essentially, you’ve figured out how to manage what WordPress looks like. Presently you might need to begin learning WordPress development for plugins.

WordPress Codex Writing A Plugin

Getting Started With WordPress Plugin Development WPMU


In the WordPress track, Treehouse has a 5 hour long video course devoted to plugin development.


There are a great deal of good free tutorials, and additionally video courses, committed to the theme of creating your own particular plugin.

Truly Get To Know The Foundation: Learn JavaScript

As you truly begin learning WordPress development, you understand you know HTML/CSS well, some PHP as well as JS and you’re comfortable with the core and working with themes. Time to step up your knowledge of the establishment dialects considerably more.

Not exclusively did Matt Mullenweg advise the WP developer community to ‘learn JavaScript profoundly’ amid the last ‘Condition of the Word’ discourse, however the Automattic group created an altogether new multi-site dashboard for WordPress.com and Jetpack users.

Also that JavaScript has assumed an important part in core WordPress for quite a while as of now.

There’s never been a superior time to learn JavaScript for a WordPress developer than now.

Code Academy

Code foundation again offers maybe the best course on fundamentals. A course that will rapidly enable you to get comfortable with Javascript. Free of course.

Eloquent JavaScript

A book on JavaScript that is accessible for nothing on the web right in your program window.


In the wake of learning essential and middle of the road JS, you might need to get comfortable with one of the famous frameworks or libraries.

While there are numerous JS libraries or frameworks to look over, with changed highlights and fanbases, you can barely turn out badly with React, the library that Automattic used to construct Calypso.


WordPress ships with jQuery and it’s utilized as a part of the core and also in a ton of plugins and themes. Read the guide here.


Treehouse offers a full track on JavaScript.


Again Tuts+ has a considerable measure of incredible tutorials on the most proficient method to do specific things with JS, or how to utilize specific frameworks, yet not as much scope of the nuts and bolts.

Star Learning WordPress Development Now!

With many enormous changes as of now set up, and more on the horizon, it’s anything but difficult to feel overpowered or scared by attempting to wind up a WordPress developer now.

In any case, don’t tune in to that inward voice that reveals to you ran over WP numerous years past the point of no return, that you missed your possibility or whatever your skull-inhabiting negative nancy might have you accept. With regards to enhancing our lives, regardless of whether that implies eating healthier, exercising more, or learning new skills, there is no preferable time over the present moment.

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