Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud technology provides its consumers with a flexible environment as per their computing needs and pays only for the servers that they need as Cloud adapts to the oscillating business needs. Whereas, an in-house server can crash if it receives a traffic more than it has the capability to handle. Having a huge computer system that is linked to various machines and acts like a single system, that is able to share ever-flowing data without any disruptions, thats the dream!

Cloud hosting makes that dream come true

The more time you spend on the internet, the more you find out about the facilities it provides and the more you grow fond of it. Cloud Hosting is one of the major developments in the field of internet and the hub of attention for all the people seeking to set step in the business world

The cloud ensures the safety as well as provides enough room on the server for all your data that minimizes the risk of any sort of malfunction. It reduces the amount of those bothersome alerts telling you that your server has gone down.

Best Cloud Service Hosting Providers

According to a survey, the top 5 cloud hosting providers in the year 2017 have been

  1. Hostgator
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. DreamHost
  4. GoDaddy
  5. BlueHost

Lets discuss these cloud service providers in detail,


Hostgator, being one of the top leading cloud computing company offers reliability, performance and a chance for the company to grow and groom itself. Hostgator shields the data from any sort of security breaches and ensures the negligent risk of data loss as it makes three backups for your data within the cloud.

Hostgator offers unconstrained bandwidth and enough room for the storage of data. It offers unlimited MySQL. It has Linux and Windows as its operating system. It offers different plans such as

  • Hatchling cloud it allows you to compute a singular domain with a dual-core CPU and 2GB worth the RAM.
  • Baby Cloud offers cloud hosting for limitless domains and as CPU with a quad-core processor and 4 GB worth the RAM.
  • Business plan allows you the access to infinite domains with a hex-core CPU with 6GB RAM. It provides protection with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and fully incorporated local caching at a high speed.

It offers fast loading speed due to the automated caching of invariable content. Comparatively, it proposes four times the core space and 6 GB worth the RAM. You can manage and observe the metrics for the download speed of a page of your website, server uptime, information about the visitor and the utilization of the resources.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting prioritizes the fast download speed of a page and 24/7 customer support system, supported by their own Guru crew. A2 has promised to provide a friendly environment in their working as well as the employees sector by introducing green policies. It adjusts itself as per the fluctuating needs of your business. It lets the customers pay the services they have accommodated, which is a major deal breaker. They offer hosting plans for every budget.

A2 hosting claims to be a fast and reliable cloud hosting company with a 99% server uptime guarantee. It gives the user the opportunity to select the RAM, cores, space, CPE speed and operating system model. Bandwidth is available in between 10 GB- 25 GB and RAM ranging from 512 MB to 1 GB. They have Linux as their Operating system. To top it all off, A2 provides its users with free of cost trial session.


It is considered to be one of the best cloud hosting company (and the quickest) it can make your website go live in a time span of 30 seconds at most. They provide delivery services through a network which sends your file globally to servers that will then help the visitor pull up the content which is geographically close to them and help to deliver it which means faster download. You can operate your server for as long as you need and pay for the price of 600 Hours throughout the month.

DreamHost gives you a block storage of 100 GB and at the cost of $10 per month you can purchase excessive storage blocks of 100 GB. It offers 30 GB of RAM and its operating systems are Linux, BSD, and Windows. It offers you five different types of hosting plans with scalable data storage facilities. Surplus services ensure the safety and accessibility of your data. If you encounter any trouble or system issue, DreamHost has a staff that is available to serve you 24/7.


Unlike other cloud hosting providers, GoDaddy provides you with one certain IP address instead of ever-changing IP addresses other companies offer. It was built to provide stability, security, and performance. It securely backs up your data on the cloud and ensures the security of your data, so you would not have to fret over any sort of data loss.

The servers are set up in under a minute and give you the entire control to you. You can duplicate the configuration onto another server by taking and pasting a snapshot of the current configuration within a few seconds. They too offer 30 days free trial.It is an affordable platform with the most costly plan of $80 per month. You get a bandwidth ranging from 20 80 GB and RAM from 512 MB to 12 GB. Its operating systems are Windows and Linux.


The Bluehost provides not overly technical but user-friendly cloud products. It mirrors your data on three diverse servers and as soon as one of the servers go down, it switches your website to a different secured server. Bluehost uses a failover method that helps one of the servers to run the website while the other two servers rebuild the website, as a result, the website does not have to encounter any server downtime even when the traffic on it dashes.

Blue host is preferred by the developers as it offers a panel with a quick access to take a glimpse of the websites performance and check uptime, global reach, download speed etc. The bandwidth it offers id unlimited so you would only have to pay for your own usage. It proffers three pricing plans with the lowest budgets for cloud computing. Blue host works with Linux operating system.

Cooperative Computing uses cloud technology as well, in order to provide its consumers with the best and most advanced servers to provide them with them everything under one roof, from Cloud computing to Cloud storage, applications and development option which can help your business to not only reach its potential in the local as well as global market but also helps it to go through the new developments in the ever-changing requirements in the business world.