Some more tools for PHP development

Some more tools for PHP development

Previously we had discussed some of the tools that help in making PHP development simple and speedy. These tools are not a necessity in the development cycle but surely these tools can ease most tasks and help in saving time.

Some more tools for efficient PHP development are:

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  • HOA:

HOA is an organized set of PHP libraries that covers a wide array of aspects and possesses a modular approach. It aspires to be an intermediary between the industrial and research ends in the world of web development.

  • Pattern Lab:

One more interesting tool is the Pattern lab. It comes with a number of equipments that can be extremely helpful in creation of atomic design systems.

  • Requests for PHP:

Wouldn’t PHP development be a lot more worthwhile if interaction with other websites had magically become much more easy and simple? Requests is an HTTP request library that does precisely that.

  • PHP Debugbar:

Bugs are a developers nightmare. And debugging them is like trying to sleep again after a horrible nightmare. But, with tools like PHP Debugbar, debugging is not a thing to be worried about. It inculcates itself into any PHP development project and is able to show profiling data from all remote parts of your application even.

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PHP development is an essential skill if a developer wants to excel in the area of web development but learning PHP is not adequate; being able to execute PHP skills in least time is equally important and for which such PHP tools can be very handy.