4 Common Web Development Mistakes

Its a fact that, a great website consists of a great design with well-written code. Building a website isnt an easy task. If you find other people learn HTML and CSS, and built a website, then more often than not, they are bound to make a few mistakes. Why? Because they dont take time to actually learn about the design factor of a website.

Designing codes or systems is one thing and designing something visual is another. Programmers are somehow good designers in their own right. However, a good eye for design doesnt mean you have a good mind to apply that design.

Many Programmers start with personal projects like creating their own websites. Many freelance coders have advantage of knowing web development processes from start to finish, including design.

Demir Selmanovic says,Development environments are smart enough to catch and fix many mistakes that early developers battled with regularly.

So, here are 4 common web development mistakes that I found many developers made:

I Know What Great Design Looks Like

A great designer knows what a good design look like. He know what will work and what will not. Similarly a developer might read the code of another developer and tell you if it will work or not. But a designer may not know whether a code might work, nor will a developer tell if a design would work wonders. A developer should never assume that he can create a design on the first try and make it a success.

Color Selection

Choosing a color can be a very complicated task. Most developers stick to the usual blue and white palette. Maybe because those are browser defaults or it is used everywhere. However, a good design involves a combination of colors. And there are tons of tools available to us that can provides us some wonderful color combinations. So, as a developer, you should never opt for the usual Blue and white color combination. When picking a color combination, always make sure to go for those that suits the mood of your website.

Pack In The Information

When youre a developer, the more information and data you put on a page the better. This doesnt work in design. You need to stop putting extensive data and information in a tight space. If you do, the design will become dysfunctional and will slow your website. An eye can only focus on limited information, and you need to add space where ever needed to make your website look more relevant and simple.

No Questions Asked

One of the biggest mistakes made by developer is that they never ask for feedback when they build a website. Its a natural reaction, when you create something and see it out in the real world, we tend to feel that its the best thing in the market, because we created it. This is a really bad approach by most developers. They need to get others opinion to know if your design was great and effective. If it isnt, they need to find ways to improve it.

Web Development And Design Are Different Yet Similar

Even though web development takes much more time in building a website, web design is also a really complicated approach if youre not familiar with the trend. However, web development and design share a similar goal: building a website. Its a two way road to achieving a common goal. If youre looking to have a website for your business that has no flaws and issues, there are many web development services in Texas that you can hire and get the best designers and developers working for your website.

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