Simple tools that ease the lives of PHP developers

In the world of internet, we come across a term quite often; PHP. PHP is basically a server-side scripting language but it is more popular as a general-purpose programming language in the field of web development. It is effective for all types of websites, be it a blog or some notorious website, PHP is the answer to all web development queries.

As there are a number of websites already operating and a lot more going through the development phase, PHP developers face a number of challenges. In order to cope up with the pace of such summons to contest here are a few tools that every developer must be cognizant of.

1). Unit Testing Tool:

It is a very fruitful tool for everyone associated with PHP development, however it must be taken into account that unit testing tool is only used where its use seems appropriate.

2). Debugger:

Debugging tools enable you to break down your codes into chunks and identify bugs. It is essential not only for PHP developers but also for any developer. You donâ??t want to waste your time rechecking all codes to find a small bug in somewhere between the lines, do you?

3). Framework:

Perhaps the most helpful of all tools for PHP developers is a framework. This tool saves your time, which could have been wasted in order to prep those things first that facilitate your actual work.

Besides these tools, several other tools can also make PHP developing worthwhile but these are some of the handy tools that all the PHP developers should have on their finger-tips for swift and apt coding.

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