Is It The Right Time To Upgrade To A Database Management System

You may have come across those excel sheet experts who spend hours work the tables and formulas and making complex calculations. They are the power users who works their socks off with those charts and graphs that you never understood. You just stand in awe by knowing the things Excel could do. Neither I nor some business owners know how to do all that. We just know Excel is used to store and manage data and have many other functionalities that go unused. Most businesses put a huge amount of data in those excel spreadsheet that it becomes difficult to actually find anything in it. This is when they need something more than just a spreadsheet, they need a database management system.

A database can hold and store more data than a spreadsheet. It can store images, texts, codes and many other things that a spreadsheet cant. The database organizes the data in a proper manner. You can create relationships between different data, allow queries to be made, and update the information. A database allows you to do all that in real time.

Long story short, database is a more sophisticated tool for businesses. But most businesses dont know the right time to upgrade towards a database. So, Im going to highlight 5 ways you can know for sure that your business is ready to upgrade to a database system.

Unmanageable Spreadsheets

If tracking down a single number or figure from your spreadsheet becomes difficult, then youre ready to move to a database system. A database system can let you search any type of information quickly and elegantly than a spreadsheet.

Control Issues

Passing around the spreadsheet to different employees can create a lot of confusion and inaccuracy. A database system allows you to share a huge amount of data to thousands of users over a network. This lets your business operations up-to-date and information available all the time.

Useless Data

You can write anything in a spreadsheet, which mostly makes the data inaccurate and ultimately gives your bad results. However, a database restricts the type of data you can enter in a field. Meaning you can enter only useful data to the database. This results in a clean, and reliable outputs.

Data Redundancy

When your business spends a significant amount of time entering the similar data into a different spreadsheet, then youre ready for a database.

Customer Contact

One of the best things about a database is their ability to capture customer information directly, be it from a website or an application. You dont need to ask your customers to enter their information in a spreadsheet. You can just ask them to fill forms in a website which is easier and quicker.

Database Management Systems Are For You

You can also import you spreadsheet data to your database. So dont assume your old data will become useless. If youre looking for experts who can help you switch to a database system, then hire a database management expert or consult top database management solutions in the Texas. Scott Aveda says, Database management systems are important to businesses and organizations because they provide a highly efficient method for handling multiple types of data.

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