Commonly asked questions from web development agencies

Commonly asked questions from web development agencies

We know that getting a website developed is crucial for the investors and they always remains on the edge of their seats until they get the final product. And why shouldn’t they stay cautious about it, they invest heavily in web development services and also have to meet the time challenge, not forgetting the fact that the client always wants to get their products live as quick as possible. Because of this haste, our clients asks different questions from us which we like a lot because being the best website design company; we believe in keep updating our clients about their projects so we can take their input as well.

The purpose behind writing this blog is to educate our future clients about our work process and efficiency so they will not remain cautious about their projects and can keep a full faith in us just like our existing clients keeping in us from years. The questions that I am going to mention here are collected from different clients throughout our vast experience in website application services and web designing and development services.

How will you do it?

This is the most common question that our client servicing department gets from our clients. If we find a client who himself is the tech guy, then we happily discuss the whole process with him in details because he can understand all the web designing terms which will take days to teach laymen. For the clients who don’t have any idea about programming, we convince them via our time proven process and agile working structure by keeping them on board at every minute.

How long have I to wait?

This is the second most common question we get from our clients. Usually, the time of website development depends on the uniqueness of the website. If you want a standard website, it usually takes 120 to 150 days. For the e-commerce websites, it depends on the functionalities and specifications you want to add to your website. Due to better communication with clients and with the efficiency of our developers, we complete our projects before even given time that’s why they always keep faith in our services and provide us numerous opportunities to work with.

Can you update my existing website?

Updating a website depends on the website that you want to update. We often received many websites that cannot be updated due to their core systems. That’s why we recommend them to get the new one instead of updating to old ones so they can enjoy the experience of using website which is crafted by Cooperative Computing for their businesses.

Is my data safe?

This question is from the post-development when we give our client a final look at their websites. We at Cooperative Computing primarily emphasize on the data security of our client’s website that’s why websites developed by our developers are impossible to crack.

Final Words:

The handshake of satisfaction and the smile on the faces of our clients that we get at the end of every project proves that we succeed to fulfill our commitments that we made with them at the start of the projects. No matter how many questions our clients asks us, we believe it is our responsibility to keep them satisfied throughout the website development process.