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A detailed analysis of the Software Development Life Cycle

  Just like everything else, software development also has a life cycle of its own. Developing software is not an easy job, and a custom software development company needs exceptional people with extraordinary skill sets to meet the needs of clients in the given time. A software is something that every electronic equipment requires these […]

Why your business needs a Mobile Application?

The norms of business are changing with the time. There was a time when companies remain in the boundaries, but now every company wants to be international. The problem in the past was not the will, but no source could connect a business to the global market. But in this era, mobile apps has become […]

Why Google Thinks Machine Learning Is The Future

The year is 2016 and the world as we know it is slowly transforming itself behind the scenes in terms of Artificial Intelligence. It has been the hot topic for years now, and Google is slowly trying to transform this dream into a reality with Machine Learning. Khurram Khalil Jamali, the keynote speaker at Digimark […]

Why You Need a Business Consultant?

Starting a business of your own can seem to many people as easy as pie but truth be told it is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever witness. The business doesn’t only consist of an idea, an office space, and an investor. There are tons of different things that need to be done […]

Getting Rid of Cognitive Overload for the best UI/UX Experience

Have you ever wondered what the one thing that affects your user the most when designing a website or an app is? Well, it is UI/UX or User Interface/User Experience design that affects the user the most. When the user downloads an app, he or she has probably done that for a reason. It can […]

Web Apps or Mobile Applications – What’s the best choice for you?

We’re living and breathing in the year 2016 and if there’s one question today that every website owner has in mind, it’s about applications. We live in the world where smartphones are slowly evolving as the daily driver for many, the main concerns of a business owner is how to make it useful for its […]

The 3 Predictions for the Future of Web Development

The world of IT seems to be in a never ending stage of evolvement right now.Ever since the advent of the smartphone, web developers see amazing options in front of them regarding development. With the arrival of Responsive Web Design. What does the future hold for the vast field of Web Development? Well, there are […]

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