Top 3 Mobile Applications that has made a huge contribution in our lives

Since the introduction of IOS and Android devices. We have become addicted to the mobile phone where ever we go or whatever we do, whether we are going to sleep or eat or play, we just cannot leave the mobile phone out of our and. And this largely because of 2 things, the first one being gaming and the second applications. With tons and thousands of crazy yet useful applications, we are bound to be busy with our mobile phones.

According to Jignesh Gohel, Using applications is in trend now so developers always try to provide the best app that makes your life more comfortable. There are millions of mobile applications are being launched every day but do you really know which one is for you? to answer this question, one will have to install an application and will have to test the features.

So here we are going to talk about three applications (both Android based and IOS based) that have made a huge difference in our daily lives.

Google Maps/Maps (IOS)

Even though there are already navigation systems available in the market, Google Maps have taken a route navigation system to a whole new level in terms of portability and Usability. Google maps don’t require a GPS receiver as it uses location services to works, but you need to have an internet connection for that. Google maps provides 2d and 3d view of selected cities and with its unique graphics of roads, streets and buildings gives user a really fine experience. Google map has been and still is the most Useful Mobile application at the moment.


Having worked as a Freelancer and I believe the most valuable asset that we all have is time, and I can tell you that Freelance application has been really helpful to me in finding work quickly. Even though I have used the desktop version before, I found the application much more user-friendly and time-saving. It’s easy to use with quick interface makes job searching fast. With over 100,000 hits on play store, a freelance app had to be included in this list for sure.


Skype, as we know, have become a universal communication tool for people around the world and with its availability on Mobile phones has given us even bigger benefits when we are out of balance/mobile Creditor when you are outdoor and you really need to video chat with a client. The video and audio quality of the application is second to none which is what makes it one of the best apps out there.

Today, Android and IOS devices all come with built-in Google Maps and Skype applications which tell us the importance of all these apps in our daily lives.

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