What to choose between Android Development and IOS development?

When you’re preparing yourself to make a splash on the development sector, one thing will definitely boggle your mind and that is to choose between android development and IOS development. There is a difference of opinion found in people when we ask which is better, IOS or Android. Most of the times, application development agencies in Texas know about these differences. While we cannot distinguish between the two, we can at least bring facts and figures into perspective and decide which edges the other.

There are multiple criteria’s with which we can decide which development is better;

  1. Programming language: even though apple came before android, apple development was confined to professional developers while android development became available to users as soon as it hit the market. In terms of easiness and convenience, Androids JAVA is much easier than Apple’s Objective-C. The development structure made available by Android is advanced as compared to IOS. Although Apple has now come with a much simpler language called Swift which is less complex than Objective-C and on the same level as JAVA.
  2. Operating system: In terms of Operating system, apple constantly comes up with new versions of OS as compared to Android which occasionally updates its operating system. But, android gives its developers a great advantage in allowing them to tweak and modify their operating system while apple entertains users with jailbreak versions.
  3. Development tools: Android provides Android Studio for application development which is free for users. iOS also uses Xcode for application development free for users. But when you want to install the application in your device or distribute it on app store then you have to pay apple 99$ per year which is not most people will pay.
  4. Designing: Designing is the part where Android is above IOS. Why? Because it is easier to set parameters in XMLs and design layouts just by writing texts in your toolbar. Android is very supportive when it comes to working with multiple devices. IOS on the other hand also makes it easier to design user interfaces but it gets complex when you want to arrange relative elements. But it all comes down to what your hands get comfortable on.
  5. Popularity: When you are still not sure what to choose, then it has to come down to which one is popular between the developers and users. Apple is much older and acquires a bigger fan base but in terms of development, it has to be your decision. As nicely stated by Adam Sinicki, The weighting you give each of these points will come down to your own preferences and goals, and that will ultimately decide which platform is best for you.


For me, it has to be android, and the reason for that is because it’s less complex in term of designing and programming, and much more versatile in providing development tools. Although I have used IOS devices my whole life and made quite a few applications as well, I think android get my vote.

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