Laravel tops the list as the best PHP framework

Laravel tops the list as the best PHP framework

Nowadays there are multiple frameworks in the area of web application development. Being associated with this business you must have constantly been in a dilemma about learning of which framework to spend your time and resources into. As Laravel is the PHP framework that tops this years list as the best PHP framework, it would be a safe bet to dedicate your time and energy in getting to know about Laravel.

laravel php framework

Here are some reasons why Laravel is the most preferred PHP framework in recent times.

Laravel is entitled to rapid application development approach which makes it considerably simple and easy to learn. It has a syntax that has been deemed artistic by a number of developers who have experience in developing using this framework and it is said that coding in Laravel is almost as a maestro playing with paints and brushes on a canvas.

Laravel is the PHP framework that comes with restful routes, database version control, built-in unit testing, database agnostic, blade templating engine, composer and many more plus points.

It can be undoubtedly claimed that Laravel increases the extent of your productivity and helps you get things done at a remarkably faster pace than other frameworks. Its natural and elegant syntax makes developers fall in love with it however there might be some fronts where Laravel lags behind by a slight margin only.

Laravel is the php framework

So far, Laravel is the PHP framework that is characterized by a substantially well architecture design with a backdrop of some really innovative and flexible features hence the best PHP framework deemed by developers.