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How To Choose The Technology Stack For Your Project?

Before the developers start writing your app’s code, it is essential to pick the correct technology stack for your application, which is challenging, especially for non-tech-savvy business owners. In the market, there are countless options, and getting it wrong can be a disaster. 

A Tech stack is a class of technologies needed to develop a mobile or a web app. It’s a mix of frameworks, programming languages, libraries, UI/UX solutions, and developers’ tools. 

In reality, there are some primary factors that you must consider before picking the right tech stack for your next project. 

How To Select The Right Tech Stack? 

There are two core software components: client-side & server-side, which are frequently known as front-end or back-end. Let’s consider both of them one by one:

Front-End Tech Stack

The front-end is the face of the app with which the user interacts with the app. 

For Website

There are various languages used for front-end development, but the major languages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

For the appearance of the website, HTML is used to position the content on the page. The purpose of CSS is to format the structure of the website. This includes colors, fonts, background, and elements of the layout. 

JavaScript is a scripting language that makes the web interactive. Various JavaScript libraries can be used; for instance: jQuery, Bootstrap, & Slick are on top, which can easily fit in the frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, & React.js the appearance of the website. 

For Mobile

The mobile app is categorized into native, hybrid, and cross-platform. The Hybrid app development uses HTML5, JavaScript, Cordova, PhoneGap, & Xamarin.

The native application development consists of Java & Kotlin, which are best suited for Android, while Objective-C & Swift are more preferred for iOS. The cross-platform React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter are used. 

The three major cross-platform technologies are React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter. Native mobile application development gives superior control of apps while making it easier to access hardware.

Back-End Tech Stack

The back-end means that all the front-end features are working correctly. This includes programming languages like Laravel, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, PHP, Java.

What To Consider When Choosing a Tech Stack?

1. Project Requirements 

The technology you choose will be based upon the problem that you are willing to solve. Some things will be best solved with one language, while you need higher-level languages for others. 

Whether it is a mobile app or a web app, you need to consider your requirements before building them. You need to think about who will be using the app and what features will be necessary at the start? If you want to enter the market quickly, you can always go for a ready-made environment where you just need to deploy the code. It is absurd to spend much time if you have a small market. 

2. Project Scope 

Projects with a small scope are generally easier to implement and do not require complex technologies and frameworks. Developing and presenting your minimum viable product (MVP) to your customers quickly can provide you with valuable feedback. To accomplish this goal, you can use open-source platforms and simple tools.

The level of technological involvement in mid-size projects is higher. These applications may require the use of several programming languages and frameworks, depending on the requirements. The technologies needed for such projects must be capable of delivering more advanced functionality.

A highly sophisticated technology stack is needed for complex systems such as Facebook and online marketplaces like Amazon. They require multiple functions, integrations, and security that require programming languages and other frameworks, so the technology stack must be of a high level.

3. Time to Market

Your launch will be more successful if you use pre-made solutions like Ruby on Rails, which will provide you with basic libraries for your project. Launch the app after making some changes. 

When a third party is integrated, you can write your code quickly and save time instead of hunting down a developer. Our team of app developers will help you turn your idea into a reality. If you are looking for assistance, feel free to contact our development communities to help you with the development. 

4. Scalability

For your business to multiply, you will need a scalable tech stack. Scaling at a massive level isn’t possible with every stack. Depending on how you want to grow, vertically or horizontally, you can add new features to the app or add hardware to support the change. 

5. Security

A secure app should be built according to best security practices. A client and server security test are required to eliminate any security vulnerabilities. Before you begin developing any new technology, you should think carefully about its security. 

Closing Thoughts

Different types of development tools are required for mobile apps as well as web applications. The technology stack isn’t uniform. You need to consider the requirements of your project when deciding on a technology stack for mobile or web applications. Considering pros and cons is essential when evaluating proven technologies. 

Using an experienced team of developers, we can access your requirements, provide suggestions and develop an application that will be highly functional and help you achieve your business objectives. Contact our developer for more information!

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