Leading Software development companies in USA

Leading Software development companies in USA

The first computers were magnificent and even magnificently slow. As the computers have improvised in terms of size and processing, the software in them have also progressed by leaps and bounds. That is why software engineering has become one of the most taught courses in notorious universities and software engineers the most highly-paid individuals. A software development company is the one that consolidates a number of expert programmers on one platform for programming, documentation, testing of the program for bugs which are the mandatory processes for maintenance of applications and framework which bear a software product as an outcome.

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USA is a vast software development industry. You may have heard a lot about US based software development company Microsoft, or perhaps Symantec, Oracle, IBM etc. Apart from being American companies, all of them have one more common attribute. They all have a lions share in generating software revenue.

But, here a question comes into mind. Why are most successful software companies usually US based? The answer lies within a number of aspects. A US based software development company is usually more successful than any other company of the world due to the strong educational background of most programmers. The US curriculum provokes critical thinking among students which when combined with know-how of computer programming, is bound to do wonders.


US based software development company has more talented and adept programmers than anywhere else in the world chiefly because the American universities provide a lot of space in the domain of research to students enrolled in various courses of computer programming and IT which enables them to innovate lines of coding and logics like no other.