5 Mobile App Development Tips for Small Businesses

Many entrepreneurs and businesses know that they need a mobile presence. Either in form of mobile websites, advertisements or mobile applications in order to capture the expanding mobile audience. But with the availability of different smartphone OS, it has been difficult to know where to start from, with app development process. The good thing is there are tools available that can ease the burden of development off your shoulder and make it easy, affordable and multiplatform. This enables you to build an app across multiple operating systems to reach as many users as possible.

If your business doesnt have a mobile app yet, you need to have one quickly. if youre tech-savvy and have wanted to hire a developer, hire the best mobile app development services here in Texas. If you dont have deep pockets to hire one, follow these basic rules for mobile app development.

Tap into New Tools

You need to take advantage of the tools available that can eliminate the pain and expense associated with app development. App development requires custom development knowledge for each platform. It can be time-consuming to learn all the coding and expensive to execute. These are the main barriers that are keeping small businesses away from custom apps simply because they dont have the resources for such process. However, new tools are available to simplify the app building process and cuts the associated costs. No need to code, simply use templates to create the app that is valuable to your audience.

Stick to the Essentials

Most small businesses don’t require a robust app. They simply need something that can help them bring their content to the customers on mobile devices in an interactive and useful way. Businesses can make their web development cheaper and easier by sticking to the essentials.

Leverage What You Already Have

Creating an application that uses text, visuals, content, videos and resources you have already used in other channels allows you to create apps that mirror your brand with the same look and feel of other native Android and iPhone apps.

Minimizing the App Development Cycle

By simply moving outside the app stores, you dont have to wait for app approval processes and hierarchy. For those businesses who have developed an app for specific stores like iPhone app store, you know the iPhone app approval process will be complicated and lengthy. This will let you have no insights into when your app will be approved or even denied.

If youve plans to bring a mobile app to your existing customers, it is better to distribute a mobile web app to them with custom hyperlinks. This will eliminate the need to participate in app stores, and therefore, bypass the pain of approvals. You can easily build the app you want and quickly present it to your customers.


Following these 4 simple steps for app development, small businesses can easily and affordably enhance their customer engagement through different mobile channels that will keep their business at the top of its potential.

Jennifer Lonoff says,Being mobile is not just about having a mobile-friendly website. It means connecting with on-the-go customers and employees and helping mobile customers and employees to connect with you (and each other).

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