4 popular software development professions for your job career

In this current generation, people and mostly youngsters who want to pursue a career in software engineering are not aware of software development scope, its types, and requirements that can direct them to be a successful software developer.

Everything has become computerized, largely thanks to software engineering which has evolved each and every system that needed huge workload and time.

Many youngsters ask me for advice on what they should do to start their professional career as a developer. And there are many software development professions available for people to start their career. In many parts of the world including Texas Software development agencies have made huge efforts in providing 20,000 jobs for fresh graduates from around the world to come and work for them.

  1. Web development: Web development is coding and designing applications that run on browsers( Firefox, Chrome, etc) through the internet. Thanks to the emergence of evolving new web technologies and APIs( Application programming interfaces), web development has exploded into the most interesting and desirable development. Web development is comparatively easier than most of the other development types. The languages that you need to learn for web development are HTML, ASP.Net, PHP, C/C++ etc.
  2. Application development: In simple terms, It’s the coding and designing of software applications that are made to solve problems faced by humans. For example, automated attendance systems implemented in colleges and schools. Application development is the original type of programming that was done and practiced before any other type. The languages that are used in Application development are C#, C/C++, JAVA, VB.NET etc.
  3. Mobile Development: Mobile development as the name tells, is the development of applications that runs on mobile devices( iPhone, Android, and Windows devices). Gaming is also a part of Mobile development. The mobile development also plays an alternate role for many desktop-based software applications that requires portability. Languages used in Mobile development are JAVA, C#, Objective-C, Android, HTML5, etc.
  4. Embedded systems Development: Embedded Systems development simply means the coding and designing of software that works on non-computerized devices. For example, software programs that control the drones guidance system. Languages used in embedded systems are Embedded C, assembly language, Python, etc.

So, what should I choose and Why?

Although it’s up to you to decide what you choose for your career, there are some factors you need to keep in mind before you make your decision;

What’s the market share of these professions?

Mobile and web developers share most of the market as there are more jobs available for both compared to rest. But the salary provided to mobile and web developers is less than other development professions.

Future opportunities?

Again mobile and web developers are very popular professions currently and will be much more in the future as compared to other development professions.

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