Cloud Computing is more than JUST storage

Cloud Computing is more than JUST storage

While the term Cloud Computing may see vague to a common person, but in actual, it has a very simple meaning, According to Cloud Management services Texas, cloud computing is defined as Storing and accessing data and programs over the internet.

Many people, specifically student use some form of cloud computing as in Google Docs to share documents with a classmate or anyone who can access their email from the web rather than from application. In other words, the document or email don’t exist in computer hardware, it’s actually stored in the provider’s cloud. That means, personal storage now requires less time and effort.

Cloud computing isn’t just for consumers, it has revolutionized the way businesses are doing business.

For businesses, there are different service models available for cloud computing that they can choose for their business, Platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), and Software as a service (SaaS).

In Paas, the provider enables the business to create their own applications that they can spread through the cloud. In IaaS, the cloud firm provides the business an entire infrastructure to work with. In Saas, the provider gives the business one or more cloud software applications to use for their business.

These cloud services seem very straightforward, but they offer more than just storage over the cloud.

Free of maintenance

Cloud computing shifts the burden of maintenance and the responsibility from business to a provider. Their computers no longer require the capacity to run applications, while the companies no longer need a team to install and configure the application, neither they need to test run and secure it. These differences bring hardware and IT costs to a minimum.

No need of on-site storage

The costs of on-site storage are further cut down with cloud computing. With such remote storage services, companies don’t need to buy or rent physical space and facilities or purchase equipment to store databases and servers.

Extremely flexible

Cloud Computing gives your business extreme flexibility. These cloud services are pay to use, so you can adjust accordingly to your business needs.

Access from anywhere anytime

Employees and staff members can access data and files at any time across the business. Files and documents don’t get trapped on employees hard disks or flash drives, and the information accessed is always updated and the most relevant. This also allows constant collaborations across time and geographic zones, which is transformative for many multinational companies with branches all around the world.

Cloud computing is a game-changing technology, and it’s here to stay.