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3 E-Commerce pitfalls and how you can overcome them

E-Commerce is my first choice for fresh business owners as the best low-risk model. Many web developers are unaware of the popularity of E-commerce and the benefits it provides in a short time. But not all of them are having a blind eye for it. There are many web developers and designers who have worked their socks off to make E-Commerce a source of their success.

But issues always arise in all fields of your career. For e-Commerce developers and owners there are also problems and hurdles which can deter you from building a profitable business for you.

High Competition

Selling an existing product online can cause you to face a fair amount of competition, more so when you are creating your own product. Increased competition usually means a large market with more potential profits.

An easy solution for you is to ensure that viable product exists, which is the most crucial element for business success.

Low Margins

It’s easier to sell existing product but difficult to build one, which means the margins for E-commerce always lower than those for softwares and any other digital products.

In order to be successful, you need to differentiate yourself in some ways. And by differentiating, I mean the key to success is for you to differentiate yourself based on something other than the price. Suppose you are specialized in audio equipment. While there are tons of online businesses who are selling the same products, what you can do is to charge your customers a premium by having an incredibly informative and helpful site.

E-Commerce Takes Time

E-Commerce is not a quick cash business. It will take time, even years, to build a profitable business.

But as an investment, e-Commerce is definitely the best bet for your long-term business venture. What you need to focus on is to build a highly automated and profitable business. Trade a lot of up-front time and efforts which will generate a highly automated income stream for your business.


E-Commerce isn’t a Santa Claus who will fly us over the rainbow to riches and success. However, it is a proven low-risk model with which you can generate sustainable income. It can be a great choice for your first-time online business. There are a few open source development firms that are expert in dealing with these issues and tackle them very positively to let other designers and companies follow their strategies, and Open Source development Texas has been a consistent runner in the list.

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