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one page website every reason why it is a true opportunity for small businesses

Beautiful, Concise and Ongoing, Everything that makes web promising seems to be true when we see it through the spectrum of ONE-PAGE websites. Many entrepreneurs have already jumped on this innovative train, so now we see the best of flawless designs and UX being all gold. As Tech Influencers put it, the websites getting free […]

windows mobile the also-ran

Since the initiation of  Windows Mobile in year 2000, the company has invested copious amounts of money and time in development of the mobile OS to gain an edge on its competitors. Ahead of its time, the services offered by Microsoft for its mobile users stood and up till 2007 there was little or no […]

5 reasons why a slice of cakephp framework development is still everybodys favorite

CakePHP is a unique and popular framework for PHP development. PHP is so far deemed as one of the most favorite languages in the programming realm as it has now also enabled programmers to write codes using Object-oriented Programming (OOP) which was previously an idiosyncrasy of mainstream languages like C++ and Java. CakePHP framework development […]

5 reasons why a game software development company in us is booming

Games have always been sought after by people for stress relief and enjoyment purposes. Earlier it used to be sports like soccer, baseball etc or indoor board games. Nowadays, with everything digitalized, games have also transformed from being the games that involve physical involvement to the virtual, social or video games played on a PC […]

software development companies in us prefer cakephp over zend

Software industry is more rapidly evolving than any industry in the world at this hour. This robust evolution has brought forth a number of working mechanisms too. There are several PHP frameworks in market even and software developers usually fall prey to the dilemma of which framework to learn next. We have also dig out […]

setting up a software development company in usa

USA is the place where dreams come true. But, at the same time, the ever burgeoning number of dreamers in pursuit of realization of their dreams also creates an environment of tough competition. The most challenging task in these times could be setting up a software development company in USA. However, there are a few […]

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