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Pros and Cons of on-premises vs. the cloud

There is an ever going debate which starts from the most mainstream question of: “which is better? The cloud vs. on-premise server?” The only way to settle this debate is to do it in the traditional way of picking out the pros and cons of both of the situations. Speaking of which, these servers have […]


There is a considerable measure of theory about what will be the VR “Killer App” yet for us that is actually asking all the wrong inquiries. First of all, it’s not about simply Virtual Reality, or Augmented Reality so far as that is concerned. There is an entire range of immersive advances out there and […]

5 Benefits of Cloud Based Accounting Tools for Small Businesses

Any business owner starts his/her business with the hope of making it reach the ultimate heights of success and be the best in whatever they do and serve their customers with the best they can not to be in the crosshair of accounting and calculations. Cloud accounting has been able to provide the business owners […]

Cloud Computing: A Need for Modern Business

The latest fuzzword in the tech world is Cloud Computing. The question that arises here is what is cloud computing? There are numerous ways of explaining the concept of cloud computing but the most general form of elaborating cloud computing or cloud hosting is deciding to visit a foreign country, what is the first thing […]

Choose the right cloud platform for your business

Every businessman always look for the right choices to make for his business. A profitable retail value always results in the succession of the business. The more time we spend on the internet, the more we are able to find out about its potential. The Internet gives users access to bigger and better cloud platforms […]

5 Mobile App Development Trends to Stay In 2018

Smartphones and humans are thick as thieves in this era of modern technology. Everything that was once done either physically or through large machines has now gone mobile. For instance, people used to wait in long lines outside the bank in order to get their utility bills paid, days of making so many efforts just […]

5 Ways Cloud can help you save Money

Choosing the right technology for your business in order to help it groom and reach new heights of success is a deciding factor for the future of your company, making the wise decision of acquiring cloud technology to assist you in every way. Many people assume the benefits of cloud computing is comparatively lesser than […]