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4 Common Web Development Mistakes

Its a fact that, a great website consists of a great design with well-written code. Building a website isnt an easy task. If you find other people learn HTML and CSS, and built a website, then more often than not, they are bound to make a few mistakes. Why? Because they dont take time to […]

4 Rules To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Web Hosting Service

There are many cases where a user had the worst experience from their web hosting provider. Its not a rare thing, to be honest. I know many people who complained about the poor experience they had with the web hosting services. Choosing a web host wisely can be difficult. With so many bad hosts crawling […]

Finding the Right Business Consultant For Your Startup

If you as a business owner struggles to create an effective business plan. The best thing you can do right away is to decide whether you are capable enough to create it by yourself or should you hire a Business consultant for it. If you de What qualifications and skills should you look for in […]

How To Utilize Color In Your Web Design

Todays Landscape of colors in web design has become interesting to think about. Many of the websites today looks somewhat similar, yet the color is unarguably the most powerful tool in web design. Not implying that colors should be the main focus of your web design. But you need to think why so many websites […]

Is It The Right Time To Upgrade To A Database Management System

You may have come across those excel sheet experts who spend hours work the tables and formulas and making complex calculations. They are the power users who works their socks off with those charts and graphs that you never understood. You just stand in awe by knowing the things Excel could do. Neither I nor […]

What To Look For In A WordPress Web Host

You’re a serious website owner and your web hosting is a serious choice. You want your website to be displayed to your audience. But you are stuck with the difficult task of choosing which web host to pick for your website. According to an article on,Choosing the best web hosting for your needs can […]

Why Prototyping Is Necessary During Application Development

I have been in contact with a startup team, who were crazy about their new idea for their business. Before they came to me, they had the worst experience with their previous application development agency. They wasted a lot of time and money with that agency. What went wrong with their previous development venture is […]