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3 reasons how web applications can boost your business

The evolution of Internet has given rise to many new things, and one of them is the web app (short for web application). According to Web Development services Texas, about 35 percent of companies do not have an app. However, the number and significance of the apps have grown steadily in the last few years. Like the traditional websites, even web apps follow the similar client-server format, where the information is supplied from the server and is displayed on the users screen using the web browser. However, the app takes this a step further and combines the functionalities of a typical website with installable software. Through this, a web app can provide advanced interactive experience for a user that was earlier possible only through the software that had to be installed.

The advent of the web app has added many innovative features to a website as it can be easily integrated into a simple site with ease.

If a business is looking to have an advanced website that offers its users a range of innovative features, then integrating the apps into the business website can be beneficial. Apart from this, there are various other reasons when a business may need a web application as discussed below.


One of the primary advantages of an application is that it can perform all the vital tasks locally on the user’s computer. As it does not have to request the resources from the server constantly, the risk of unwanted manipulation or corruption of the data at the time of many such requests is minimized. Moreover, as the user’s computer does not have to be constantly connected to the net, the risk of being attacked by online threats like viruses and hacking attempts can also be reduced.

Functionality & Cost

As the website can have as many apps as needed that can be integrated into it, it makes the site highly functional. There are numerous plugins that are easily available which can be plugged-in to increase the functionality as desired. These plugins are available in proprietary platforms like J2EE or .NET and even in open source platforms like PHP and MySQL. The open source is free, and so using the platform also minimizes the development cost. Moreover, while the apps can be coded from the scratch, the CMS frameworks like WordPress provide numerous pre-created samples that can be easily customized.


A business needs its online presence, i.e., the website, to be robust and quick. The integration of web-based applications boosts its processing capability by simplifying the off-line operations. Using the modern technique such as clustering, the performance of the app can be further boosted by running it on several servers concurrently. Thus, in the case of a breakdown of one of the servers, the performance remains unaffected.

A web app can be highly effective in streamlining the business processes, while also improving the accuracy. As the main app resides on the servers, it also eliminates the hassle of installing the software on each system and also simplifies the process of upgrading the new features or versions. This also

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