Content Strategist

Cooperative Computing (CC):  We accelerate growth minded companies into the automated economy.

The business market is in rapid change, with consumer behavior placing significantly high expectations on businesses at every phase in the client experience.  Each day, we experience a company dramatically shifting “industry norms” and in many cases, removing historical market leaders from their market leading position.  These elements create extraordinary opportunities for our team members to excel.

CC delivers superior client experiences as the premier digital enabler of growth minded enterprises enabling their rapid growth and ensuring their sustainable and smooth transition into the Automated Economy.

Our team is passionate in delivering client value and is fanatical in how we go about ensuring we deliver extraordinary business results for our clients.  We are committed to growing as individuals first, becoming the best version of ourselves in who we have been created to be.  We take responsibility in our thoughts and actions, know our purpose and our end in mind and put these first in our lives.

The Role:

To advance our mission of inspiring greatness and transforming the lives of others, our Content Strategist will be a key player in the advancement of CC's mission. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and executing content marketing strategies to reach and engage the target audience. Your responsibilities will involve conducting in-depth research to understand the audience's preferences and needs, collaborating with team members to align content with marketing goals, and optimizing content for SEO and keyword relevance. You will be responsible for crafting compelling taglines, captions, and hashtags for social media posts, as well as incorporating appropriate links and call-to-actions (CTAs) to drive conversions.

Capabilities (Key Behaviors):

The Content Strategist is expected to have:


By leveraging these capabilities, the Content Strategist will aim to achieve:

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