Privacy Policy

Cooperative Computing Privacy & Policy

Cooperative Computing respect the privacy of its online users and for that maintaining your privacy and confidentiality is considered as a primary concern. This statement of Cooperative Computing’ privacy policy reflects the basic concern of gathering users’ information and the measures taken to completely ensure users’ with ultimate security and confidentiality.

For Cooperative Computing, the basic reason for gathering and storing users’ information is to improvise the quality and overall users’ web experience when they are on Cooperative Computing. The design and development team is always in the quest of providing users’ with the best look and feel and web experience and keeps the website fully up to date with users’ latest user interface requirements absolutely based on the vital information gathered and stored from the users.

With this statement of privacy policy, Cooperative Computing hereby ensures to maintain the users and specially customers’ highly confidential and private information with the utmost security and privacy. Through this statement of privacy policy, Cooperative Computing also ensure that it does and will never and has no intention to share or sell the users’ and customers’ confidential information by any means to anyone and in any way. In order to learn more and explore in detail about Cooperative Computing third-party information sharing, exchange and interaction you may visit the section of “Third Party Sharing” stated below with detail in this statement of privacy policy.


The core purpose of this statement of privacy policy is to comprehensively describe why Cooperative Computing collect and store users’ and customers’ information and under what scenarios and circumstances Cooperative Computing share this information with third parties. In addition to the purpose of this statement of privacy policy, it also reflects Cooperative Computing collect unique information from users and customers, for which purpose and how it is used.

Gathering Personal Information

Cooperative Computing collect a range of important information and data for different purposes from its users and valued customers. The breakdown of all the types of information Cooperative Computing collects from its users and customers is as follows;

    General Queries And Comments
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone/Cell Number
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
    Business Associates & Vendors
  • Company/Organization Information
  • Emergency/Support Contact Information
    Job Hunters
  • Unique Identification Information
  • Educational/Academic Background
  • Employment/Work History

The Use Of Cookies

Cooperative Computing makes the use of Cookies in order to gather additional required data and information such as but not limited to
(1) Users’ demographics,
(2) Users’ website use context,
(3) Users’ likeliness and interests in regard of the website’s overall look and feel,
(4) Users’ data and network usage in regard of the website, etc. all together embracing towards bringing in a better and much more obliged users’ web experience.

Cookies are the alphanumeric identifiers, transferred to the physical drives of the users’ computers or the accessing device directly through the web browser in use. Cooperative Computing use cookies to enable the systems that recognize the type of browsers through which users’ are online to access the website and remember their movements during prior visits in order to serve better.

In addition to the use of cookies Cooperative Computing recommends exploring the help tool given in the web browser’s toolbar in order to explore and discover comprehensive details and options for using cookies, allowing them on the web browser, notification for newly received cookie and disabling the use of cookies. However we also recommend to allow the use of cookies to users and customers who trust Cooperative Computing as the a significant portion of the users’ entire web experience depends upon the effective use of cookies which entails and helps a lot in taking full advantage of the top features of the website users’ experience and interface.

In case you have any query or concern in regard of this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]