Getting Rid of Cognitive Overload for the best UI/UX Experience

Getting Rid of Cognitive Overload for the best UI/UX Experience

Have you ever wondered what the one thing that affects your user the most when designing a website or an app is? Well, it is UI/UX or User Interface/User Experience design that affects the user the most. When the user downloads an app, he or she has probably done that for a reason. It can be anything at all that eases your daily problems in any way possible. So, if a user wants to uncomplicate things in his daily life with the help of your app, would he like it if the User Interface of the app is confusing? The answer is NO! Of course not. When the user downloads an app, he is looking forward to a straightforward function that would make his life easier and nothing more than that.

Let’s say Bob needs a scientific calculator app for his math test on his phone and he downloads your app for it. He opens it up for the first time, and he witnesses a badly designed app with small fonts that he can barely read along with unnecessary buttons stacked all over the UI. What do you think will Bob do? He will obviously uninstall the app and look for a better one. Let’s talk more over this and look into the matter while talking about Cognitive Overload.

Cognitive Overload and It’s Reduction

Cognitive Overload basically refers to the total amount of information of any form that your mind can handle at one time. Consider trying to multitask two important things at the same time such as studying for that math test we talked about earlier along with finishing a science assignment that you might have. Not only does this action leave the mind frustrated but also affects the decision-making factor of the user.

This is where the UI/UX design company needs to plan out the functionality of the app along with a clear design that isn’t only attractive but easy to use. Let’s say Bob downloads your scientific calculator app again but this time, he finds a new User Interface that is not only attractive for the user but is also very easy to use. Bob would happily keep the application in his Android or iOS device for future use as well thus serving the purpose of the application as well.

Hence, reducing the cognitive overload needs to be the first thing that you plan out. A clean design and easy to use UI is what you’ll be needing to get rid of cognitive overload completely. So, make sure you hire an experienced UI/UX design company or an App Development Company for your application.