Efficient ways for PHP development

Efficient ways for PHP development

The advent of internet and websites has plummeted into the business of web development. Websites are developed using a peculiar language called the PHP which is though a server-side scripting language but can also act as a general purpose programming language. PHP development could be a hectic exercise but if paired with the appropriate tools, it can be a lot less subtle and time consuming.

 PHP development

There are several tools that can help a developer in his/her ordeals of PHP development. Some of them are namely:

  • PHP CPP:

If you are looking for a C++ library to create extensions for PHP then PHP CPP is just your thing. You can use and improvise the collection of classes that have proper documentation as well as user-friendliness, to build PHP extensions.

  • Sublime Text:

Sublime text edits the code, markup and prose texts in an elegant fashion so that it gives not only faster performance but also a smooth and smart user interface.

  • Twig:

Twig is a template engine for PHP which is not only fast and secure to use but also has room for improvisations as per the users desires.

  • Plates:

Plates is also a template engine and seeks inspiration from Twig however it derives its roots from PHP so the developers associated with PHP development who have an inclination towards PHP templates instead of compiled templates, prefer Plates more.

PHP development

These are just some of the tools that reduce time and simplify PHP development and there are a lot more. Some more helpful tools will be shared in a continuation blog.