some promising software development companies in us; best software companies of the future unleashed

Some Promising Software Development Companies in US; best Software Companies of the Future unleashed

The software industry is continuously evolving. Its evolutionary pace is so fast that anyone who doesn’t keep up with it or at least tries to, will become a part of history and that too within a fraction of time. In these times some software development companies in the US can be expected to become the software companies in the US that are the next big thing worldwide.

  • Phunware:

Phunware is the pioneer of Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS). It is a fully integrated customer engagement platform and that too first of its kind. It was listed as Americas most promising software development companies within its first two years of operation.

  • Cooperative Computing:

Cooperative computing is a blend of business and technology. It provides business-oriented technology solutions to its clients. The vision behind this software development company was to make any business capable of adapting to the swaying trends of technology.

  • Rocket Fuelers:

Rocket Fuelers can be undoubtedly deemed as the leader of software companies in US that have expertise in Big Data and artificial intelligence.

  • AppDirect:

As the world shifts its weight into the favor of cloud computing, AppDirect which is a cloud service Commerce Company basically, is also on its way to revolutionize the world of software and IT in US.

These are some of the software development companies in US that are progressing fast and it is expected that within no time these software companies will be major shareholders in software industry of not just US but also a region beyond US.