Why It’s Almost Last Minute For Non-Profit Businesses to Use Mobile Apps

Why It’s Almost Last Minute For Non-Profit Businesses to Use Mobile Apps

The very next step after thinking about a cause is connecting to the people for help, donations, ongoing support with the events and to expand. Contrary to how it should have been in the first place, donation groups tend to be a little late on the idea of creating their own app.

Your cause may worth a change in society or lives but until you don’t have effective presence in people’s routine, it is easy that you will slip out of your donors mind. In case, you are still in the middle of deciding whether an app is an important need for your medium or not, these solid reasons might offer you some clarity.

First Hand Engagement with Mobile

The majority of every population are mobile users. It’s obvious that the first thing that they do at the start of their day is checking their phone. Next impact of this is, everything they first see while scrolling is all they think of all day long. For anyone who regularly engages in networks and with people, would agree that mobile devices are the fastest resource to run effective campaigns. After all there are more mobile devices in the world than people.

People Find Online Apps More Relevant

It is just simpler and easier to ask people to download an app and stay connected. In the current times, a mobile user (basically, everyone) is more likely to participate in a campaign online than showing physically at any event. According to the observation of experts at Cooperative Computing, If your mobile app is effective, up to date and easy to use, it is much likely that a donor will access your app at least once in 2 days.

Desktop Comes Second

For any non-profit organization, it is fair to think that if they have invested in their website already, there is no more room for an app. But, Google would tell you that algorithm is more friendly to anything that is made for mobile. So, making room for an app will help you accomplish your goals faster and if budget makes it a future plan, at least make sure that your website is mobile friendly. It is always possible to make some influential changes in website, if you have a right team of developers.

It’s Easier to Share

Though clicking invite to an event seems extremely easy too but people will feel more connected to you (only you for at least few minutes) when they are at your app. If non-profits organize an app, they can make the sharing options personalized, more frequent and more direct.

Communication Opens Up

Today, an app is the most relevant medium for communication. It can be clearly imagined that new ideas for a cause may appear nowhere else but on an online medium. For Non-profits who have a personalized app may be able to add filters that will make it easier for the relevant members of team to address relevant ideas.

When is your non-profits next Board Meeting? We hope that you’d at least bring app development under discussion.

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