Reasons to choose CakePHP framework development

Reasons to choose CakePHP framework development

As a web developer, it would be quite strange of you if you haven’t come across or worked with CakePHP framework. CakePHP is one of the open source web application framework, written in PHP and distributed under MIT license.


There are several reasons to get up and be associated with CakePHP framework development, some of them are listed here in this blog.

As it is a free and open source platform, it facilitates web developers who tend to work without any hassles. CakePHP framework development is devoid of subtle codes and that is something which makes this framework preferable.

Moreover, this framework can be easily molded according to the developer’s modifications and requisites.

It also paves the way for web applications using MVC i.e Model View Control. The MVC architecture helps in the differentiation of data and design for the business logic. This way developer can dedicate time and efforts for individual aspects of the project simultaneously.

One more reason to opt CakePHP framework development is that it comes with built-in tools that ensure security that is hard to penetrate. Some of these tools are for input validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF prevention and many others like that.


As CakePHP framework development possesses MIT license, therefore it is quite a preferable choice when it comes to commercial applications. It is not only a framework that facilitates web developers but also has additional benefits which are why a number of businesses are now also opting for it to develop idiosyncratic applications that are amusing and efficient at the same time.