How PHP Developers make coding worthwhile

How PHP Developers make coding worthwhile

PHP is a server-side scripting language but more famous as a general-purpose programming language which is designed to entertain web development. PHP developers have their own quintessential coding patterns unless there is a standard coding method assigned to them. Every developer has a unique pattern of his own to write codes however PHP development become a lot simpler and worthwhile if PHP developers follow some quick coding guidelines.

As for instance, it’s more preferable to use spaces instead of tabs while writing codes so that the code doesn’t align itself to the extreme right of the screen after you’ve indented it.


Another tip for PHP developers is that they should name their variable in letters of the lower case. If the variable name comprises of two words then separate them by an underscore.

Variable named as $UserName is inappropriate, use $user_name instead for less subtlety.

Of course, there are no restrictions upon the number of characters in a code but it’s better to break your codes into fragments for a better understanding. This helps in identifying the bugs also.

Apart from the variable names, function names are a matter at hand too. It is advisable to name functions in lower case and separate different words in the names by an underscore same as we do in variable names but function names must also include some call to action such as $enter_user_name.


Although, PHP developers have the liberty to use any method of coding as they may find feasible however a few easy tips can save several precious minutes of coding.