Microsoft SDL Evolution

Microsoft SDL Evolution

Microsoft has always been the first choice for any business for software development because of its SEE (Secure, Efficient, Effective standard for all of its products.

As technology is getting more and more multifaceted, so is are the developers and development models.

This is Microsofts software development model:

The SDl is Microsofts latest improvement in its software development program. Security will become the biggest factor as technology becomes more advanced; the more personal it will be get making privacy a top priority. So looking at the future Microsoft has made security the integral part of its software development procedure.


Initial period (2000-2001):

Started under code name; Perfect Storm. These were the key features of the project:

1) Firewall update development started.

2) Malware protection initiation.

(2002-2004) SDL Started:

As the internet began to infuse with everyday operations of businesses data security became a high impact factor with hackers becoming a very serious threat. Under direct commands and Patronage of Bill gates, SDl was launched and initiated. These were the key features:

1)Bill Gates TwC Memo

2)Microsoft Sdl becomes Mandatory and Windows XP Sp2, Windows server 2003 launched with security emphasis.

(2005-2006) Made Public:

This period was crucial as apart from integrating the SDl into all Microsoft products and Windows. The giant also decided to make it public. In an effort to Increase the Programs efficiency with threat modeling tool and DEP, ASLR.

(2007-13) the transition period:

Microsoft joined SAFE. Some Very keynote developments since then are:

1) Microsoft laid the base of its Sdl Pro Network.

2) DISA and NIST indicate run through characteristics of SDl.

3) The big move and one which really made Microsoft the software giant when it collaborated with Cisco and adobe successfully incorporating Sdl into both firms.

4) Recent smart devices have made SDl even more wide spread with Industry wide expansion of the SDl practice.