Why Google Thinks Machine Learning Is The Future

The year is 2016 and the world as we know it is slowly transforming itself behind the scenes in terms of Artificial Intelligence. It has been the hot topic for years now, and Google is slowly trying to transform this dream into a reality with Machine Learning.
Khurram Khalil Jamali, the keynote speaker at Digimark 16 and the Country Head for Google in Pakistan talked about how Machine Learning is quietly transforming the digital world. Cooperative Computing was a proud part of this 5th International Digital Conference and our representatives got to learn how Machine Learning is quietly reshaping the digital world as we know it. Let us shed some light on what Machine Learning actually is and how it works.

What Is Machine Learning?
So, the real question of the moment is, What’s Machine Learning and how does it relate to Artificial Intelligence? and well, there’s a very simple answer to it.
Machine Learning or as Google likes to call it Deep Learning are algorithms that help the machine learn, or the OS learn in the background about basic human operations. The easiest example of how Google implements it are Google Now and YouTube. If you’ve ever browsed through some videos that are relatable on YouTube, you might have noticed how the website keeps providing you with relevant video suggestions. How does that happen? Well, that’s Machine Learning. YouTube (an important part of Google) learns what you actually are interested in behind the scenes with the help of your interests in certain categories of videos, ultimately providing you with relevant content.
Google Now, however, is a better example of Deep Learning or Machine Learning. If you’ve ever installed Google Now on your Android or iOS devices, you must have noticed how it provides you with the most relevant cards from weather to news and even routes to your most visited places via Google Maps. What Google Now does is learn your actions on every click and provides you with better and relevant content each time you open up Google Now. So, every time you use Google Now, you get everything you need without ever actually doing anything. The developers are constantly working on improvements in Google Now and from what it seems, were only getting closer to Artificial Intelligence each day.
Google aims to make the world an easier place to live in with unreal projects that involve machine learning in the near future. The biggest of these is the Self-Driving Car Project that allows vehicles to drive by themselves. Deep Learning is the biggest aspect of the project that allows the car to understand traffic rules and study different routes via GPS to get you from A to B, easily.
By allowing the machine to learn slowly and adapt to different aspects of human life, Google is trying to change the course of Information Technology forever. Here’s hoping that Machine Learning is going to make life quicker, easier and all around effective for humans around the world.

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